04-04-18 07:02 PM by: Xrystal
Those who have read the messages on the individual addons will know already but I have recently come back from a year long break from the game and working through my characters so that they are ready for the expansion when it arrives.

I am currently in the Alpha so once addons become available I'll be able to prepare my addons to work in that version. Unless nUI is broken itself I will also make sure that the nUI specific addons are working as well.

However, I am not using nUI anymore and do not plan to keep it up and running again as I did the last few years. I am currently using SyncUI which I do like but I am considering writing a pluggable UI system of my own once my knowledge and skill in various areas increase, whether this becomes available to the public remains to be seen.

The API seems to have changed in several areas I am interested in so as I play the game I will see potential addon requirements to suit my personal play style. These will go in my Ideas page for future considerations.