10-12-10 11:23 PM by: Grimsin has been released. Everything works for the most part as far as GrimUI goes. Macaroon works fine minus some funny tweaks. I have talked to Maul and hopefully soon Macaroon will have GrimUI support and will load on a fresh install with a basic bar layout already setup to go.

From here out other then Buggrabber and Macaroon I'm thinking it will no longer come with any addons. Although i will continue to add support for certain addons as it becomes necessary. Like full Clique support is in on all unit frames.

Only bug I'm aware of is some code im still working on to mess with a default bar setup if you chose not to use Macaroon for some strange reason. Pay no mind to it. You should use the options in Macaroon to turn off the bliz vehicle bar and use the Macaroon vehicle bar to avoid this bug all together.