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03-24-10 04:15 AM by: Bluspacecow
Yes there will be a update to 3.3.3 . Blizzard released some of the Ruby Sanctum stuff that's going into 3.3.5 but it's not active yet.

Just not yet. I have a few other things to do first including and not limited to

* being able to connect - i keep getting disconnected on logging in. There's apparently a patch coming to fix this so I can't be sure there won't be new sounds included in there. I would rather be able to connect so I can test the new sounds.

* answering live journal posts to lend what help I can.

* answering wow forum posts - there's a lot of unhappy peeps on the forums that I need to see if I can help or not.

* household chores - dishes, rubbish , making sure I can at least see the floor of my room.

Once I have a free moment I'll sit down and make the list up and post an update.