04-08-06 02:59 AM by: JIM the Inventor
It is said that there is a fine line between genius and madness. I'm too busy to watch for it. If I step over, then perhaps someone will let me know.

Continuing with the long-overdue upgrades to existing JIM products, I've been hitting Slash Commander pretty hard in an effort to develop a failsafe link between slash commands and the AddOns that provide them.

I think you'll like the result, though it's highly unconventional.

Indeed, the solution involved systematic destruction of half of the program variables. Pretty wild, huh? That means, for a (hopefully) brief instant, I unhook all of Warcraft's UI, dump all Saved Variables in a plastic bin, and then proceed to generate errors ...

No joke! It works!

Of course, I'm going to put warning signs up all around this feature, but I imagine that it'll lead to my general discredit, and perhaps lynching. *sigh* Science is such an unforgiving mistress.


Concurrent with /Commander development, I'm moving ahead with two other projects: Chaperone and Abacus. See the Future Concepts section for more details.