If there are JIM fans still in existence, they've probably noticed how rare updates to my AddOns has been recently. Truth be told, I've not been programming much. Just adventuring and having a good time of it.

Blizzard really has executed this entire game, World of Warcraft, with incredible flair. Do you recall how it was when you completed each of the quests for the first time? I've been revisiting Stranglethorn Vale, and I recall the intimidating power of the Mosh'Oggs and the rush that accompanied the confrontation with Mokk the Savage. They're pushovers at level 60, but there is a progression of difficulty threaded through with wonder in all the quests.

Guiding guild members through dungeons helps one relive the magic too. I love it when in ZF, any person is heard to remark, "That is a LOT of trolls."

All that mushy stuff aside, I'll assure everyone that I've been working on all the items I mentioned before - Slash Commander, Abacus, and Chaperone - and am commited to keep working on them, 'cause I really love how the system works.