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06-24-13 04:35 AM by: Ahrok
Hey guys for the next versions of my tukui edit are a lot of things planned !
E.g. new party unit frames for 5 man groups an 10 man raids (with i think version 2.0.5)
Style changer for those guys they like the "normal" version of the party unitframes (release with the same version as the other frames are comming)

I know there are some little bugs (e.g. this little orange bar for dk's if they spawn a ghoul)
But they would be fixed at version 2.0.3

some other little features would be implemented on version 2.0.4

other things to come are : a better Healer Layout (some more suggestions would be nice)
I've planned a complete different layout with new Unitframes and it would be a minimalistic layout ^^ but this is still not finished and im focus on the functions and features ive told you above.

So stay tuned i'll keep you posting

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