Dealing with WTF's
-- General WTF Information --

This is some general info users of this UI and all AddOns might find useful. Ill start with the basic file structure.

Within your World of Warcraft directory you will find the WTF directory. Within that is a directory labeled Account and a file named Config.wtf. The Config.wtf is where your main settings are. Things such as resolution, weather or not to load the game with your account name filled in, UI scale and a number of other graphical settings.

In the Account directory you will find another directory that has the actual name of your account in it. Inside this directory is a hand full of files as well as a two directory's, one labeled with your realm/server name the other is called SavedVariables.

One of the more important files inside the directory labeled with your account name is macros-cache.txt. This file contains your macros. Also in this directory is the bindings-cache.txt which contains your bindings configuration.

The SavedVariables folder in this directory contains SavedVariables from your AddOns that are saved across all characters and/or accounts. The directory labeled with your realm name contains folders labeled with all your characters from that particular realm.

The folders labeled with your character names also have binding-cache.txt and macros-cache as well as chat-cache.txt and a few other cache.txt files. These files are variables that are saved to individual characters.

Also within the folders labeled with your characters names is another folder named SavedVariables. This folder also contains variables for your AddOns but just like with the other files within the character named directory's, these AddOn variables are character specific.

-- Old WTF install instructions for GrimUI --

If you are attempting to use a previous version of GrimUI's WTF files you will need to rename the folders in the WTF folder. The folders are currently named with the description of what it should be renamed with. The folder AccountName should be renamed with your account name. The folders named with class titles should be renamed with your characters name. IE: Warlock should be renamed to BillyJoeBob, if BillyJoeBob is the name of your character. I recommend removing the folders for the class's you do not have characters to match. The Warlock and DeathKnight class's are most complete and tested, if you have problems with the WTF for your particular class I would use the Warlock folder instead.