How to update from git
All my addons are under source control management system, Git. Git is hot fast and super sexy for me to use, heres how you can get the latest changes and what to do when it breaks.

A) Install git, msysgit
From here http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/downloads/list
I recomend using 1.6 preview

B) House cleaning
Git, unlike svn, has its whole tree in the working dir as aposed to one a remote server, it can still do this though. If you already have the addon you want to update from git then delete the whole folder.

C) Clone the repo
Right click on the AddOns folder and open a git bash shell, this is where you do all your git work. Its much more powerful than tSVN but has a sharper learning curve. To clone a repo you use the syntax, git clone repo folder. This will clone the repo into folder. eg. git clone git://github.com/Zariel/bollo2.git Bollo2, will get the Bollo2 source and versioning history from github.

D) Updating
Now to update all you need to do is, git pull origin master, from within the source directory.

E) What if it goes wrong!
Just go into the source directory and type, git tag. This lists all the tags, which should be stable for my releases anyway, you can revert all the code to these tags by using, git checkout -f tagname, eg, git checkout -f 3.0.2-1Alpha.

Enjoy :)