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    03-19-08 08:08 PM by: Nefarion
    With PenduLib out, I recoded InDemand to make use of the library. (This should actually make it more efficient, as my implementation for timers in PenduLib is cleaner than in InDemand 1.0.) I'll upload the updated InDemand as soon as I can confirm that PenduLib is bug-free.

    Also, I got around to checking, and I can confirm that neither Rock nor Ace3 implement the "/in" command. I'm glad to know too; I never thought that belonged in Ace2, a mere addon framework. And as people move away from Ace2 for Rock- and Ace3-updated addons in the next several months, InDemand may see a little more public use.
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    03-19-08 08:03 PM by: Nefarion
    I got around to recoding LibTimex, which I wasn't entirely happy with in the first place. The project is starting fresh under the name "PenduLib".

    The code is a little cleaner and easier to maintain, but uses the same basic core as LibTimex. I have remove pausing support though to avoid some complications, which contributed to the bugs in LibTimex. When I have the time to come up with a clean implementation for pausing, I'll re-introduce it.

    PenduLib is in beta status now, but shouldn't be prone to the bugs LibTimex was, as I watched out specifically for them when coding it. I tested it lightly, running a few timers from WowLua, and all seems to be in order. But as always I probably missed a couple things.

    If anyone tries it out, let me know how you like it. Report all bugs, any feature requests you have, and patches if you'd like. And as always I'm open to code critique; I can't claim to be the expert some of the people around here are.