RR_BanishTimers Information
- Add an option to track Sheep, Fear, Seduce, Sap, etc. (Non-stun, short-duration CC's)
- Enable the mod to retrieve Soulstone timers from other people when joining a party/raid.

Change Log:
Updates for 0.15
- Fixed the option to hide background to remain hidden when re-logging.
- Increased the accuracy of the Soulstone timer. Old timer method would lose seconds each time you zone in and out.

Updates for v0.12 - Large Changes in Saved Information - All Settings Reset!
- PLEASE NOTE: /rrbanish NO LONGER FUNCTIONS. All Options handled via FuBar / Minimap Icon at this time.
- Add an option to hide the background.
- Multi-Channel Broadcast, allowing for 2 or more channels to be broadcast, instead of just one. (Soulstones)
- Warning message for expiring Soulstones. Along with an option to set the time at which this is sent. Default is 5 minutes prior to soulstone expiring.
- Added a Warning message for Soulstone being used (ie, when the person dies). Defaults to Off.
- Automatic broadcast of Soulstone timer when cast. Your Soulstone only, at this time. (In progress for all soulstones.) Defaults to Off.
- Changed Menu structure to FuBar (minimap icon without FuBar displayed).
- FuBar Tooltip displays all Soulstone Timers. Clicking a timer will Broadcast it (exactly as if the "Send" button on the Soulstone UI were clicked).
- FuBar Text can be customized to display "RRBanish," or the number of Soulstone timers, or Unused Soulstones / Total Soulstones on timers.
- Slightly changed the code so that when a Soulstone expires, all others are shifted upward to shrink the UI a bit. Also works for Banishes.

Bugs fixed for v0.11
- UnitLevel("unit") error, Line 438. Fixed. Now uses actual rank cast instead of a guess based on unit level.
- Communication issues. Previously worked fine when others didn't have the mod, but two people using the mod would cause problems receiving the communicated data. Oops! Minor typo's. Fixed.
- Minor issue with a couple other errors caused by the communications issues.

Updates for v0.10
- WoW2.0 functionality & events.
- Allows rescaling both SS and Banish frames (from options UI, /rrbanish). Also allows shrinking the Banish Timer bar height.
- Fixed broadcast channel to use Addon channel (for both raid and party). Formerly used CTRA channel, was never removed. Oops!
- Added dropdown for selecting broadcast channel.

Tracks timers for Banish and Soulstones.

Banish Timers:
- Up to 10 timers at any given time. Changed so the mod only monitors the most recent cast (or attempted cast). This saves errors from someone spamming and having 15 timers assigned (as the mod only tracks 10, and could give an error if there are more).
- The timer lists the name of the caster and the name of their target as of casting (should be Fairly accurate).
- Instead of having the exact time, since Banish can break early, or the timer may be slightly off, it displays a Progress Bar (might add exact time later, upon request), similar to the HP bars:

- - When casting starts, the bar is White for the 1.5 second duration of casting.
- - After 1.5 seconds, the bar turns Green for the majority of the duration.
- - At 18 / 28 seconds (18 for level 47-'s 20 second Banish; 28 for level 48+'s 30 second Banish), the bar will turn Red.

- This allows you to have a fairly good idea of how long your Banish (and anyone within range of the combat log) has remaining, who had which target, etc. so as to hopefully make things slightly easier to pick back up, or chain-Banish.

Soulstone Timers:
- It shows everyone's soulstone timer within the raid. It displays the Warlock's name, hopefully the target (current target, but if you aren't targetting anything, or are targetting a mob, it would obviously be incorrect), and the time remaining.
- The mod starts countdown at 30m 3s (3 second cast time) upon the starting of casting. Again, the Warlock has to be within range of the combat log to pick it up.
- Added an option to the main UI, a button 'Send' which will broadcast to the channel (changeable in the options window) a customizable message to say 'Caster's SSTimer (Target) -- 30mins 0sec Remaining.'
- Mod will optionally allow you to broadcast expired timers (everyone's timers, not just your own). This can be turned off, or the message changed, via the options window.
- Uses the AddOn channel for greater accuracy with SS/Banish Timers. Will broadcast a message when you cast Soulstone so people outside the range of combat log will still have your timer information available.