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While not having the features of Version 0.41 (note the change in number) , this version gives compatibility with WoW 3.1, but not much else.

The 'proper' version is coming soon.
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04-18-09 11:59 AM by: Nuchaleft
UWBCG V.41 is coming along smoothly, features (so far) include:
- New Options dialog frame.
- New slash commands (e.g. /bcg options)
- Battlecries are now split into categories, namely Horde/Alliance/Neutral
- Ability to select chat channel to vent your battlecry into (previously required clicking different buttons, now there is a combobox gives you a list of channels and you select the one you want and hit 'Generate')
- More culture-specific battlecries
- Cleaner code
UWBCG v0.08 is now available, check the files for more info (I know this message is a little late)

Changes include macro commands as well as a few small changes to some battlecries.
The Ultimate Warcraft Battlecry Generator v0.02 is now available for download (as soon as it passes pending status)

Includes the following changes:
+ Added Y Button
+ Added Version Label
+ Changed Version Number
- Removed unused code
+ Added some more cries
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07-28-08 03:42 AM by: Nuchaleft
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