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03-24-08 11:58 PM by: Grayhoof
All of my addons have been updated now for the 2.4 patch. Do not install these until you have 2.4.

Please post all bugs, issues, or suggestions using the provided tools on this portal.
05-22-07 12:09 PM by: Grayhoof
SCT 5.6
SCTD 2.32
EavesDrop 1.4

Have all been released for the 2.1 patch. EavesDrop in particular has many new additions.
New versions of all mods are released and compatible with TBC.

SCT 5.31
- Added Diablo Font.
- Fixed Chat Tab Tainting.
- Fixed Rampage event to use 20 rage.
- Fixed Overhealing bug.
- Fixed Gap Slider not working on all frames.

SCTD 2.22
- Fixed Miss events showing ParserLib internal variables.
- Cleaned up localization.

EavesDrop 1.3
- Added new high value skill stat tracking (incoming/outgoing damage/heals per character). New highs flagged with !'s. Open full history with icon near main tab.
- Added pet portrait to texture for pet events.
- Fixed overhealing issue.
- Changed table update methods.
- Removed Compost.
01-05-07 11:36 AM by: Grayhoof
These actually came out a couple weeks ago, but forgot to post the news

SCT 5.3b
- Fixed color change saves.
SCT 5.3
- Made spell colors editable.
- Added interruption events.
- Added killing blow events.
- Added Rampage Notification (not 100% prefect, but works most of the time).
- Cleaned up crit overlapping more.
- Fixed custom event sorting/parsing issues.
- Made heal filter based on total amount actually healed (so overhealing spam can be removed).
- Removed compost lib.
- Added SpecialEvents-Aura lib (will do more in future with it).

SCT 2.21
- Added Interruption Events.
- Spell colors now inherit colors set by SCT's settings.
Grab them from the links on the left. Remember, these are for WoW 2.0 or the TBC beta only.

SCT 5.2:
- Converted to WoW 2.0 standards.
- Added Text Alignment to Frame: Left, Center, Right, or HUD (based on position around HUD) justified.
- Added new HUD Curved Animation: moves in a semi circle around your character, ideal for use with curve based HUD bars.
- Added new HUD Angled Animation: moves in a slight angle around your character, ideal for use with angle based HUD bars.
- Added Gap Distance to HUD Animations to change the distance they are from center.
- Made Crits overlap less often.
- Made spammed text behave better.
- Made Custom events save to the event that triggers them after being found, improves performance over time.

SCTD 2.2:
- Converted to WoW 2.0 standards.
- Added options for all the new options from SCT (Alignment, HUD animations, etc...).
- Cleaned up UI a little to make everything fit.

EavesDrop 1.2:
- Converted to WoW 2.0 standards.
- Converted to using AceLocale 2.2 and BabbleLib 2.2.
- Minor random tweaks.