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Project Deranjata, a complete UI replacement geared to replace UI-tat is now releases, the look will is essentially the same but it is modualized and will be integrated into a solid add on, not a compilation, Certain optional packages will be utilized until the entire entire suite is finished.

any Questions on UI-tat can be asked on the comments pages for that specific addon compilation.
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08-12-16 07:38 AM by: Uitat
as of now i will no longer support UI-tat

however, Project Deranjata, its replacement is in full swing jut go get it instead, its more stable and more reliable with less addons.

Project Deranjata handles many things that used to be handled by addons that were included in UI-tat

i hope you all enjoy it
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09-17-13 05:22 AM by: Uitat
Ui-tat has been Updated to 5.4 and will be continued untill the day of and after the release of Project Deranjata,

so all of you that are worried about me quiting this Comp, Dont worry, it wont happen any time soon!!!
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04-19-13 06:27 AM by: Uitat
Project Deranjata is in the works, it will be a replacement for the UI-tat core Features and will still include all non essential addons that are included in UI-tat
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09-02-11 09:36 PM by: Uitat
updated for 5.0.5,