WoW Screenshot Manager Changelog
Legend: + = added | - = removed | * = fixed | # = changed/improved

v0.9.1 - 10.10.2006 - 13:50 GMT+1
- removed Ads (Banners)
# updated Runtime Engine (general performance/stability improvements)

v0.9.0 - 26.12.2005 - 23:27 GMT+1
+ finally added FTP Upload for images
- removed old contact info
* fixed some links (banner, update-check, screenshot upload)
# improved and updated some parts of the code
# changed Homepage Link (www.bl4cksh33p.de)
# fixed and extended some Tooltips

+ added EasterEgg
+ added Special Thanks and Credits
+ added new contact options on About screen
# minor enhancement of Folder Info
+ added "Number of Images in this Folder" as replacement for the old (annoying) MsgBox
+ added new program icon (an Orc)
# improved Change-Log
+ added "Select All Images"-Button
+ added "Convert Images" Feature
# updated IrfanView from 3.92 to 3.95
# changed Setup (new and smaller)

v0.8.1 - Get Folder Info Fix + mini Browser:
+ added first implementation of mini Browser
# increased WoWSM window size for better browsing
# changed "Get Folder Info" Message if no Files exist in a folder (no longer tells you there are no images, it says files instead)
* fixed "Get Folder Info" error if you checked an empty folder - WoWSM should no longer be stuck
+ added workaround (small pause at the beginning) to fix "nil value" errors on fast computers

* fixed Tooltip of "Set as Wallpaper"-Button
+ added "Get Folder Info"
+ added "Get Image Info"
+ added "Usage Hints"
* fixed some typos
+ added "create .ZIP-File" Feature
+ added new Listview of Images ("Switch View"-Button)
- removed "General Settings"-Button
+ added doubleleftclick on List-/Thumbnailview to show image
# changed defaultview to Listview (not Thumbnailview anymore)
# updated some info on the About-Screen (new URL, xFire username)
+ added PayPal Donate-Button
* fixed minor issues with copy/move/delete Buttons
- removed the (sometimes annoying) message that tells how many images have been added to the list (want it back? tell me!)
# changed, added and rearranged some GUI elements
+ added link to the official Homepage to the Setup

v0.71 - HOTFIX:
* fixed Print-Button (Appearance and Tooltip)
* fixed TGA to JPG conversion (no quality loss now, really!)

# improved TGA to JPG conversion (JPG Images have no quality loss now!)
* fixed a very minor issue in "Please Wait" messages
# minor improvement to "Searching for Folders" message
+ added Print-Feature
# improved Setup (added Shortcut options)
# minor improvement to moving TGA files to _TGA Backup-Folder
# very minor improvement of "Set as Wallpaper" Feature

+ first public release with all basic functions (create/delete folders, copy/move/delete images, set as wallpaper)