BobUI Features
BobUI has many features to it, for one thing of the all in one UI's that I've seen BobUI is probably one of the most configurable I've ever seen among them.

Standard Features
Auto Repair (with guild support filterable by if in raid group)
Auto Sells Greys
Clickable Links in chat
Coordinates on minimap
Slash Commands
/rl = Reload's the UI
/gm = GM Frame
/rc = ReadyCheck
/cr = Role Check
/clc = Clears combat log
/kb= Easymode keybinding (similar to Bartender's keybinding system)
Talent Macro's
BobUI has an imbedded version of infMopTalentMacroes which allows you to make working macros for the new tier based talents in 5.0.4

All you have to do is make 6 macros named this
PVP Features:
Arena Trinket Timer on right side of Arena Frames
Enemy Drink Announce for Arena
Got a feature you want to request? Submit an Official Feature Request

BobUI will skin a good portion of the default UI along with the following addons:
BigWigs --type "/beautybw apply" for the skin to load
Aurora (skin is partial at this time)