MSBT Version History
Version History:

  • Fixed issue introduced with Patch 5.3 where dispels were showing the skill performing the dispel rather than the one being dispelled.
  • Increased damage and healing maximum spam thresholds to 100,000.
  • Added default trigger for Ultimatum.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.3.

  • Updated parser to support the new amount parameter on applied and removed auras. Thanks to pelf for the patch.

  • Fix issue introduced with Patch 5.2 where dispels were showing the skill performing the dispel rather than the one being dispelled.

  • Modified skill ID for Taste For Blood to reflect the new value.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.2.

  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.1.

  • Fixed issue introduced with Monk Chi changes in Patch 5.1.

  • Fixed an issue where certain power types such as Sha Power and Alternate Power were causing errors.

  • Added new Shadow Orbs Change and Shadow Orbs Full events that act similar to combo points.
  • Removed shadow orbs from standard power gains (e.g. +1 Shadow Orbs) since it is now treated similar to combo points.
  • Removed Shadow Orbs x3 default trigger due to the new Shadow Orbs Full event.
  • Fixed issue where the shorten numbers and group by thousands options were not being applied to overkill amounts.
  • Added default trigger for Blindside.
  • Removed extra exclamation point from druid berserking default trigger.
  • Added missing Italian localization files.

  • Fixed issue where combo point gains and full combo points were not being displayed (reported by dondasch).

  • Updated for Patch 5.0.1 / Mists of Pandaria Beta
    • Monk is now an available class for triggers and class coloring.
    • Added new Chi Change and Chi Full events that act similar to combo points.
    • Added support for dynamic max chi and holy power.
    • Removed chi from standard power gains (e.g. +1 Chi) since it is now treated similar to combo points.
    • Removed the following triggers since they no longer apply: Counterattack, Eradication, Hot Streak, Impact, Riposte, Viper Sting
    • Removed the following skills from default suppressions and throttling since they no longer apply: Arcane Empowerment, Desecration, Ferocious Inspiration, Mana Spring
    • Updated supported power types to include Alternate, Dark Force, Chi (Light Force), Shadow Orbs, Burning Embers, and Demonic Fury.
    • Rewrote code that deals with party and raid members to use the new Blizzard APIs.
    • Updated "Active Talents" trigger condition to use the new Blizzard API.
    • Modified remaining existing triggers to work with their new values.
    • Modified several skill IDs to reflect their new values.
    • Added default trigger for Vital Mists x5.
    • Added default trigger for Mana Tea x20.
    • Added default trigger for Elusive Brew at 5, 10, and 15 stacks.
    • Added default trigger for Power Guard x3.
    • Added new events for Alternate Power Gains and Losses so they may be customized.
    • Added temporary workaround for UnitGUID bug when in a group. Triggers that involve party/raid members will not work currently due to this.
    • Updated environmental damage handler for environmental type changes.
    • Updated TOC for Patch 5.0.4.
  • Added new option to shorten large numbers using si suffixes (32765 displays as 33k).
  • Added new option to separate large numbers into digit groups (32765 dispays as 32,765).
  • Fixed taint issues cause by the _ global variable.
  • Converted class names to use Blizzard provided localizations.
  • Removed old temporary workaround for raid flags added in Patch 4.2.
  • Added Italian localization from [email protected]

  • Money strings will now show properly on all supported languages.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.

  • Converted all sounds to .ogg from .mp3.

  • Modified combat event log parser to work with the absorb changes in Patch 4.3.

  • Updated German translations from mojosdojo.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.3.

  • Removed item cooldoown tracking debug print

  • Added support for item cooldowns:
    • Created new event for customizable item cooldown notifications.
    • Added Item Cooldown Complete to the available trigger events.
    • Added Item ID and Item Name condition handling for the main trigger events that support them.
    • Cooldown exclusions now accept skill IDs, item names, and item IDs in addition to skill names.

  • Added monochrome, monochrome + thin, and monochrome + thick to available outline font settings for pixel font lovers.
  • Modified the custom font and sound validation routines to work with arbitrary case extensions.
  • Changed custom font validation error message to a more descriptive message when the font can't be set versus the more generic ttf message.

  • Added option to customize color of shadowflame damage.
  • Added option to customize color of frostfire damage.

  • Modified combat event log parsers to work with the changes in Patch 4.2 without extra indirection.
  • Changed Traditional Chinese default font by yleaf.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.2.

  • Added logic to detect and merge off-hand strikes with main hand strikes.

  • Removed Happiness as an available power type since it no longer exists as of Patch 4.1.
  • Added logic to handle the changed combat log event format in Patch 4.2 on the PTR without breaking the current version (Blizzard is changing it again).
  • Updated LibStub to the latest version (14 Jan 2011, 1.0.1).
  • Updated CallbackHandler to the latest version (14 Jan 2011, 1.0.7).
  • Updated LibSharedMedia to the latest version (05 Nov 2010, 3.0-4).

  • Fixed handling for the always show quest items option that was broken by Patch 4.0.6 (reported by Judgespear).
  • Modified to play sounds even when game sound effects are disabled as allowed by API changes in Patch 4.0.6 (reported by Retlaw).

  • Modified combat event log parsers to work with the changes in Patch 4.1 (committed by mojosdomo, reported by several others).
  • Updated Russian translations from StingerSoft.
  • Updated German translations from mojosdojo.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.1.

  • Added the new pet heal events to the options interface so they may be customized and disabled as intended.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.

  • Made several updates to the cooldown tracking system:
    • Implemented a work around for Blizzard's cooldown bug with dismissed pets. Pet cooldowns should no longer be shown before they are actually finished.
    • Created new event for customizable pet cooldown notifications.
    • Added an option to customize the color of the skill name in cooldown events.
    • Changed Skill Cooldown Complete trigger event to Player Cooldown Complete (only detects player cooldowns).
    • Added Pet Cooldown Complete to the available trigger events.
    • Added Skill ID as an available condition for player and pet cooldown triggers.

  • Created new events for outgoing pet heals, pet heal crits, pet periodic heals (HoTs), and pet periodic heal (HoT) crits.
  • Efflorescense is now detected and displayed as a pet heal.
  • Added default triggers for Blood Swarm and Shadow Infusion x5.

  • Fixed an issue preventing pet cooldowns from being detected.
  • Added a default trigger for Lava Surge.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.

  • Added support for pet cooldowns.
  • Added default triggers for Shadow Orb x3 and Berserk.
  • Added Power Change to the available trigger events.
  • Removed Mana Change, Energy Change, Rage Change, and Runic Power Change trigger events since the underlying events no longer exist (replaced with Power Change).
  • Modified default Low Mana trigger to use the new power change event.
  • Removed Hunters from mana based triggers (Viper Sting, Low Mana).
  • Modified hunter auto shots to be treated like standard melee damage.
  • Health and Power Change triggers will now work with party and raid member Unit IDs.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when moving scroll areas with the mouse.
  • Modified the cooldown tracking system to further support dynamic cooldown resets.
  • Updated the cooldown tracking system to support abilities with the same name that have different cooldown lengths such as Feral Charge.
  • Added new Holy Power Change and Holy Power Full events that act similar to combo points.
  • Removed holy power from standard power gains (e.g. +1 Holy Power) since it is now treated similar to combo points.
  • Updated supported power types to include generic eclipse energy.
  • Added additional logic for detecting Lunar and Solar Eclipse energy gains (e.g. +13 Lunar Energy or +20 Solar Energy).
  • Added default trigger for Shooting Stars.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.

  • Updated for Patch 4.0.1 / Cataclysm Pre-launch:
    • Updated supported power types to include soul shards and holy power.
    • Modified power change detection logic to use new event.
    • Removed soul shard created notification since it is now considered a power gain.
    • Removed "hyper regen" option since there are no longer any skills that utilize it.
    • Removed the following triggers since they no longer apply: Frostbite
    • Modified several skill IDs to reflect their new values.
    • Removed .wav files from the supported sound formats in the custom media sound dialog since WoW no longer supports playing .wav files.
    • Added support for .ogg files to the custom media sound dialog.

  • Removed default suppressions for Abominable Might and Unleashed Rage since they have been changed to passive auras. This will also fix the warning about missing ID 30805.
  • Removed default Rampage trigger since it has been changed to a passive aura.
  • Updated Eclipse trigger to two separate triggers to account for Lunar and Solar Eclipse.

  • Updated IDs for Abominable Might and Unleashed Rage to new values introduced in Patch 3.3.3.
  • Removed aura hack since Blizzard fixed the bug with aura applications not reporting to the combat log. This will fix the double notifications.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.

  • Fixed issue with aura hack where certain aura applications (like Missile Barrage) were not being detected every time.
  • Fixed issue where an error could be thrown regarding a bad argument to bit_band.

  • Implemented a hack to work around Blizzard's bug with the combat log in Patch 3.3. This will allow most of the default triggers to work until Blizzard fixes the bug.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.

  • Fixed font issue that was causing lua errors regarding the :SetFont routine.

  • Added an option to disable regular melee swings from being merged.
  • Added an option to hide the merge trailer that is shown when multiple events are merged.
  • Added Aura Refresh to the available trigger events.
  • Added a default trigger for Predator's Swiftness.
  • Optimized font validation logic to reduce CPU usage.
  • Updated HoT crit events to behave like crits as intended.
  • Changed Desecration from the skill ID removed Patch 3.3 (fixes message regarding removed skill ID 63595).
  • Updated Russian translations from StingerSoft.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.3.

  • Created new events for incoming and outgoing periodic heal (HoT) crits.
  • Lowered the minimum allowed cooldown threshold to 3 seconds. The default value is still 5 seconds.
  • Tweaked the animation event initializion logic to prevent some instances where events could briefly flicker at high framerates.
  • Added a recently fired exception to the default Rune Strike trigger to reduce its spaminess.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.

  • Added a new option under spam controls to hide full HoT overheals (enabled by default).
  • Modified the current hide full overheals option to only apply to direct (non periodic) heals.
  • Added new events for incoming and outgoing Deflects.
  • Added Deflect as an available miss type for trigger conditions.
  • Modified options module load logic to avoid issue with Blizzard's load on demand routine.
  • Modified TOC to provide assistance to Minion (automatic updater).

  • Modified heal events to use the new combat log format in patch 3.2. This fixes the issue with all heals showing as crits.
  • Added absorb amount as an available condition to heal based triggers.
  • Updated German translations from Archiv.
  • Updated French translations from Devfool.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.2.

  • Added Aura Broken to the available trigger events.
  • Fixed issue with guardians being treated as the player instead of a pet.
  • Added logic to prevent potential errors due to load ordering.
  • Updated Russian translations from StingerSoft.

  • Changed the interaction with Blizzard's default FCT (Floating Combat Text) and damage/healing displays:
    • The default FCT and damage/healing displays are no longer manually controlled. The settings in the game's Interface Options configuration must be used to control them instead.
    • The Game Damage and Game Healing checkboxes have been removed from the General tab since they are no longer used.

  • Damage done to structures from siege vehicles (and other sources like explosives) will now display.
  • Vehicles are now treated as the player themselves instead of as their pet for incoming and outgoing damage.
  • Added default suppressions for Desecration, Abominable Might, and Unleashed Rage to prevent the spam they generate.
  • Made a minor optimization to the main animation logic.
  • Innervate will no longer activate "Hyper regen" mode since the mana gains from it are now reported in the combat log.
  • ALL mana gains mode will now set the mana gain skill to Unknown.
  • Hyper regen mode will now attribute the gains to the skill that activated it.

  • Added support for the CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS standard.
  • Implemented logic to ensure classes are always known for opponents in arenas.
  • Tweaked class identification code to fix an issue where classes weren't known when they should have been.
  • Fixed issue that caused an error when using the %r event code on health and power change events.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.

  • Implemented capability to color unit names according to their class including customization options:
    • Choose whether or not to enable class coloring on a global basis.
    • Control color and enabled state for each individual class.
    • Uses standard class colors defined by Blizzard by default.
    • Applies to class names shown in triggers as well.

  • Made minor optimizations to the merging system and event formatting.
  • Added overkill amounts to available partial effects, but they are disabled by default.
  • Added a default trigger for hostile player PvP trinket usage including who used it. It is set to only show in arenas by default.
  • Changed the event code for killing blows to %n so it works correctly with class coloring.
  • Made the %n event code available for the built-in outgoing dispels event.
  • Fixed an issue where certain new text could briefly appear in the wrong spot when initially displayed on slower PCs.
  • The exclusive skill icons option will no longer be ignored when a scroll area has its icon disabled.
  • Font files that have been removed but are still referenced will now correctly use the default font instead of resulting in errors.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.

  • Added the ability to customize the trailer message shown for partial effects.
  • There is now an option to disable icons for each scroll area.
  • Added an option to hide heals that have an effective heal amount of zero (full overheals).
  • Modified cast success and summon trigger events to include recipient conditions. Unfortunately cast start events do not report recipient information, so it is not available for them.
  • Increased the damage, healing, and power thresholds significantly to keep up with inflation.
  • Implemented internal throttling for identical enemy buff gains to reduce spam on fights like Yogg-Saron.
  • Added a preview icon to the scroll areas preview feature for better visual representation of icon settings.
  • Updated Russian translations from StingerSoft.

  • Reworked the cooldown tracking system with dynamic updates in mind:
    • Dynamically adjusted cooldowns such as glyphed Guardian Spirit will now work correctly.
    • Cooldowns for skills that are unlearned will be automatically removed (dual spec).
    • Death Knight cooldowns will now consider rune cooldowns. For example, consider Rune Tap only has 4 seconds remaining, but a blood rune won't be available for 6 seconds. The notification won't display until the rune is available.
    • The small "time drift" that could occur on long cooldowns should no longer occur.
    • Removed old pestilence cooldown information.

  • Added default trigger for Decimate.
  • Added default trigger for Lock and Load.
  • Modified item exclusions to include quest items.
  • Updated Korean translations from chkid.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.

  • Created new events for buff and debuff stacks. They only apply when there are 2 or more auras stacked.
  • Changed default loot message to include the amount of the item looted in addition to the total in inventory.
  • Modified Impact trigger to use the new mechanics.
  • Added default trigger for Eradication.
  • Fixed issue with various fonts not working properly.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.

  • Created an in-game editor for managing custom media:
    • Entries will persist between game sessions and version upgrades.
    • Entries are not tied to profiles meaning they will persist through profile resets.
    • Font entries appear in the font they reference to provide a quick preview of the custom fonts that have been added.
    • Sound entries provide a play button to preview/test them.
    • Modified font handling to ensure invalid paths do not throw errors.
    • The old MSBTFonts.lua and MSBTSounds.lua files have been removed in favor of this new system.
    • Remember that the media files must already exist before WoW is started or they can't be used.

  • Added a new loot alerting system with several options:
    • Provides a total count of how many of the looted item are now in inventory and, optionally, how many items were looted (via %a event code).
    • Looted items are colored according to their quality (grey, green, etc)
    • Only display items of selected qualities.
    • Always display specific items by name.
    • Always suppress specific items by name.
    • Always show quest items regardless of exclusions.(subject to Blizzard having the item marked as a quest item).

  • Created new events for incoming and outgoing periodic damage (DoT) crits.
  • Added an option to control whether or not the text shadowing effect introduced in version 5.3.37 is applied.
  • Outgoing dispels will now display debuffs cleansed from friendly units as well as buffs from enemy units.
  • Aura gains now show how many are stacked by default. You can remove the %a event code from the respective events if you don't want to see this information.
  • Added Active Talents as an available trigger exception.
  • The blink buff gain and loss events are now ignored.
  • Disabling a scroll area will now ensure all events destined for it are suppressed regardless of their source.
  • Removed references to skills and triggers that are not available as of Patch 3.1.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.1.

  • Added missing Korean localization files.
  • Updated Russian translations from StingerSoft.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.

  • Added an option to specify on which side skill icons show per scroll area.
  • Implemented a shadow offset and changed the default outline to none to improve font crispness.
  • Set the default power throttling duration to 3 seconds to help reduce spam from power returns.
  • Modified reordering code to fix an issue with Korean client global strings.
  • Added Korean localization from Slowhand, Fenlis, and chkid.

  • Updated to work with Patch 3.1 on the PTR. There will be some triggers and skills that will need to be removed once 3.1 goes live.
  • Modified the channeled AoE aura suppression feature to only ignore the aura if it was caused by the player casting it.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.

  • Implemented a work around for Blizzard's cooldown bug with Death Knights and runes. Only abilities with actual cooldowns should now be shown.
  • Created a default suppression for Ferocious Inspiration to remove the spam it causes.
  • Added logic to ignore buff gain and loss events created by channeled AoE skills (Blizzard, Volley, etc)
  • Added new events for incoming and outgoing damage shields (thorns, retribution aura, etc).
  • Added overkill amount as an available condition to damage based triggers.
  • Added Buff Inactive and In Combat as available trigger exceptions.
  • Killing Blows should no longer be shown for Death Knight ghoul sacrifices.
  • Modified media registration routines to ignore erroneous parameters to prevent issues with other mods.
  • Tweaked internal merging and animation delays to help performance in heavy AoE situations.
  • Updated French translations from Devfool.
  • Updated Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations from yleaf.

  • Fixed Rune Strike trigger.

  • Added default trigger for Kill Shot.
  • Added default trigger for Rune Strike.
  • More Russian translation updates from StingerSoft.

  • Added recently fired exceptions to some triggers like Fingers of Frost to cut down their spaminess during AoE.
  • Resisted dispel effects will now show the icon dispelled skill instead of the skill doing the dispelling.
  • Added code to prevent other mods from registering invalid media names.
  • Added a few default triggers for Death Knights.
  • Russian translation update.

  • Modified the angled animation style to maintain consistent movement speed.
  • The reflect event will no longer show the %a event code.
  • Added default trigger for The Art of War.
  • Fixed issue with animation speed not scaling certain styles correctly.

  • Modified the internal media handling to avoid issues induced by other mods via LibSharedMedia.
  • Reworked the animation system to help alleviate some "jerkiness" due to rounding.
  • Added an angled animation style with customizable directions and behaviors.
  • Made some minor optimizations in substitution code handling.
  • Removed Mongoose Bite and Kill Command triggers since they no longer apply.
  • Added default triggers for Sudden Death and Taste for Blood.

  • Updated for Patch 3.0.1 / Wrath of the Lich King Beta.
    • Added several default triggers for new abliities of various classes.
    • Updated supported power types to include runes and runic power.
    • Added support for new damage types.
    • Added coloring for frostfire damage.
    • Death Knight is now an available class for triggers.
    • Runic Power Change and Rune Cooldown are now available main events for triggers.
    • Added throttling for heals from Blood Presence.
    • Added the amount absorbed for fully absorbed events with damage color capability.
    • Modified all partial effects to use the same bracket style as overheals.
    • Updated combo point handling to work with WotLK.
    • Modified power gains from leeches to show the correct amount gained instead of the amount leeched.
  • Performance enhancements:
    • Removed delays from the animation system that should make the animations a little smoother on fast systems.
    • Events that are capable of being merged will now appear more quickly than previously.
  • Rewrote media handling system to provide native Shared Media support.
  • Physical damage coloring is now ignored for outgoing skills that are not "auto attacks."
  • The temporary icon (the little face) will no longer be shown.
  • Zephyr font removed since it doesn't support some glyphs.

  • The hostile condition check for health and power changes will now function properly.
  • The damage amount of hunter autoshots will now be colored according to the physical damage color if it is enabled (White by default).
  • Added Russian localization.

  • Fixed issue with triggers that set a unit id to all party members.

  • Added a button to test the selected sound in the event settings dialog.
  • Dark Pact and other power leech events will now correctly display the amount of mana leeched.
  • Added missing Traditional Chinese localization files.

  • Rewrote the core of the event parser to reduce its CPU usage by about 60%.
  • The trigger system was completely redesigned with the main focus on flexibility.
    • Triggers now make extensive use of "short-circuiting" to cut down the number of tests needed thereby increasing performance.
    • Anything that has a patch 2.4 style combat log entry (COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED) can now be used for a trigger.
    • The number of available conditions per main event has been substantially increased.
    • Each parameter for a main event type can now specify various relationships.
    • Parameters involving strings like skill names and unit names can now choose between an exact match or a search pattern in most cases.
    • Added a new main event for skill cooldown completions.

  • Full paths may now be entered for sounds. This includes path to sound files internal to WoW.
  • Added Traditional Chinese localization.
  • Moved font definitions to localization files so they can be unique per language. MSBTFonts.lua can still be used to add custom fonts.
  • Updated spell dispel/stolen events to the new values implemented by Blizzard in Patch 2.4.3.

  • The threshold based triggers such as "Low Mana" and "Low Health" will once again display the current amount.

  • Fixed the error when looting money induced in patch 2.4.2.
  • Fixed the erroneous "Low Mana" warnings when in druid forms.

  • Redesigned the trigger system to work with the new combat log mechanics and improve flexibility:
    • The old main conditions have been replaced with main events that can have several conditions for greater control over things such as affected units (target, focus, etc), applications, etc.
    • The old secondary conditions has been replaced with exceptions. Exceptions will cause the trigger not to fire when they are true. In addition, most exceptions has a "reverse logic" option that causes them to behave as their opposite for high flexibility.
    • Triggers now try to choose an appropriate icon based on the main event that fired it. It is still possible to specify an icon that will override the default.
    • All of the default triggers will now work on non-English clients without the need for localization.
    • Any additional triggers you may have created in previous versions will have to be recreated under the new system.
    • Added a default trigger for Viper Sting.
    • Added the default clearcasting trigger to druids.

  • Skills like "Mangle (Bear)()" will now be displayed as "Mangle" in the cooldown area.
  • Animations may now be as slow as 20% of normal instead of the previous 50%.
  • Scroll areas can now have a minimum height of 50 down from 100.
  • Increased the allowed font size range to 4-38.
  • Threshold triggers will no longer misfire when shapeshifting.
  • Soul Shard gains will now be displayed again.
  • The %t event type will no longer throw an error.
  • Added a button to the AddOns tab of Blizzard's Interface Options to launch MSBT's options.

  • The optional icons module is no longer required. This is a significant memory savings for those previously using the module.
    WARNING: Make sure to remove the old icons module to avoid wasting memory.
  • Unfortunately, the ability to add and customize triggers is disabled for this release while the system is rewritten.
  • Rewrote the parser to work with the new combat log mechanics implemented in Patch 2.4. Since manually parsing text strings is no longer required, things like pets with the same name as party/raid members will no longer cause confusion. There also should no longer be problems with non-English clients that had strange parsing issues due to ambiguous strings.
  • Load up memory usage is now around 221 KiB.
  • Damage from spell reflects will now be shown to the player who reflected it as if they did the damage.
  • The horizontal animation style now has an alternating direction option.
  • Added new events for outgoing (offensive) player and pet dispels.
  • Internal filtering for identical monster emotes has been added to reduce potential spam.
  • Only one five combo point notification will now be shown per combo point cycle.
  • Overhealing will now show on heals that have been excluded from merging.
  • Fixed an issue regarding cooldowns not being displayed for certain skills like Mangle (Bear).
  • Added Simplified Chinese localization. Thanks to elafor and hscui for their work.
  • Updated TOC for Patch 2.4.

  • Updated LibStub in MSBTIcons to resolve incompatibilities with a newer library version. This should clear up some issues with other mod compatibility.
  • Made icons for triggers obey the enable/disable skill icons option.
  • Updated for Patch 2.3.

  • Modified the sound system to allow custom registrations for easier sound selection.
  • Triggers may now specify a skill name to use for displaying an icon.
  • Added suitable icons to most of the default triggers.
  • Added parsing for mana gains from sources like Mana Spring totems now that they can be suppressed, if desired.
  • Mana gains during Innervate are now shown if the "Hyper Regen" option is set.
  • Damage from totems and other miscellaneous "pets" will now be displayed.
  • Changed the minimum scroll area width to 10.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing all periodic enemy heals and power gains to be shown instead of only buff gains.
  • Fixed an issue where delayed cooldowns such as combustion were completing before they should.

  • DoTs and HoTs may now have independent throttle times.
  • Power gains can now be throttled and there is a default Vampiric Touch throttle entry.
  • Power gains now have icons when possible.
  • Added a "Move All" button to the Events tab to allow the whole category to be moved to a new scroll area quickly.
  • Added some logic to counteract ill behaved mods such as Recount and SW_Stats modifying global strings.
  • Fixed some issues with the options interface not saving certain fields properly.
  • Made search pattern triggers also check secondary conditions to match the behavior of the other condition types.
  • Updated the MSBTIcons module .toc file to prevent certain cases where it wasn't being loaded in the correct order (Thanks dylanm).

  • Complete code rewrite to further reduce memory usage and CPU utilization. Blizzard's addition of memory and CPU tracking tools to the API were used to help achieve this. The CPU utilization is about 55% less, and the load up memory usage is now around 258 KiB.
  • Redesigned the profile system to use a full master/diff approach. This leads to a substantial memory savings when using multiple profiles. It also adds the benefit of allowing future changes to defaults to take place without having to completely reset user profiles.
  • The options interface was streamlined and rewritten using pure lua. All the tabs and popup frames are now dynamically created only when needed. The options are still load on demand and use no resources when not loaded.
  • Created a new set of spam controls:
    • Show ALL power gains WARNING: This can and will spam you!
    • Show hyper regen (mana gains during Evocation and Spirit Tap)
    • Thresholds for Healing, Damage, and Power Gains
    • Skill name substitution
    • Skill suppression (e.g. Vampiric Embrace)
    • Skill abbreviation option with new %sl event code to override at the event level
    • Independent throttle times per skill
    • Merge exclusion list (e.g. avoid merging mutilate)
  • New font opacity setting that follows the same inheritance mechanics as the other font settings, so each individual scroll area and event can have a custom opacity.
  • Added some "high level" controls to the options interface such as a "Toggle All" button to quickly toggle the enable state of all events in the selected category. This allows you to disable all incoming pet events with one click for example. Another example is a "Disable Skill Names" checkbox which quickly allows you to stop all skill names from being displayed without having to modify every single event and remove the %s.
  • Added built-in customizable cooldown notifications.
  • Crits are now separate events so they can be individually controlled.
  • Each scroll area may now have its own independent animation speed.
  • Scroll areas now have a customizable width that the animation styles obey when it makes sense.
  • New horizontal and static animation styles.
  • Created a new default scroll area using the new static animation style.
  • Implemented behaviors in the animation system which allow more customization of animation styles.
  • Added a new selectable behavior (Normal) to the Pow sticky animation style that will not perform the jiggle effect.
  • Added enemy buff gain and monster emote events (spell alert).
  • New money gains notification event.
  • There is now a full set of incoming pet events.
  • Added outgoing pet DoTs.
  • Every event can now be assigned a custom sound. (e.g. full combo points)
  • Several trigger conditions such as Self Buff Gains can now have multiple entries per trigger.
  • Added a debuff application number secondary trigger condition.
  • Added a spell usable secondary trigger condition.
  • Added several new fonts.
  • Added an optional skill icons module.
  • Made some minor tweaks to the default dispay and throttle settings to improve readability.
  • Fixed a few parsing issues.

See the included readme.html for further version history.