HOW TO: Create a New Guild Link (Guild Leaders only)
HOW TO: Create a New Guild Link (Guild Leaders only)
I. Prerequisites
I.1. You are a Guild Leader
I.2. The other player is also a Guild Leader
I.3. Both Guild Leaders are logged-in to World of Warcraft on the same realm and faction
I.4. You and the other Guild Leader are both running Inter-Guild Link
I.5. Either:
I.5.1. The other Guild Leader is not already in a guild alliance group (they have no existing guild alliances); if they are, then they must invite you,
I.5.2. or they are in the same guild alliance group as you and it is your intention to convert an Ally-of-Ally link into a Mutual Ally link

II. CLI Method
II.1. Enter: /igl link invite OTHER_GUILD_LEADER_NAME
OTHER_GUILD_LEADER_NAME is the name of the other Guild Leader with whom you wish to create a new guild link.

III. GUI Method
III.1. Open the Inter-Guild Link GUI using one of the methods discussed on the general How To page
III.2. Expand the Inter-Guild Link node to display the additional management pages
III.3. Select the Manage Alliances page
III.4. In the New Guild Alliance section, type the name of the other Guild Leader into the Invite Guild Leader edit box, then press Enter or click the Okay button

IV. Postconditions
IV.1. The other Guild Leader must Accept your invitation to create the new guild link before the invitation expires (approximately 1 minute)
IV.2. Both Guild Leaders should carefully consider which relay activities to permit and set their link permissions accordingly (see: HOW TO: Configure Link Permissions)
IV.3. Upon successful completion, both guilds will be in the same guild alliance group; other guilds can be invited into the same guild alliance group by any allied Guild Leader