Tankadin:Round(num, idp)
Simple Yet Effective Rounding Function.
Inputs: num = Number to Round, idp = Decimal points to round to

Tankadin_TimeFormat(timeGet, f)
Time Formatting from time() or anything that returns seconds and wish to format it as h:m:s or m:s or just s
Inputs: timeGet = any time() return in seconds, f = Format Type - h = Hour Display - m = Minute Display - s = Second Display

Tankadin:ArmorDamageReduction(armor, levelModifier)

Return Armor Reduction varied by level
Inputs: armor = Armor value, levelModifier = level of enemy

Tankadin:CalcResistanceReduction(levelMob, resistance)
Returns the DR on Resistances
Inputs: levelMob = Level of the Enemy, resistance = resistance of a unit