KC_Items Patch Notes
Patch Notes:

05-06-06 - .94.5

-Fixed several issues with the new bank storage. Including the nil bugs.

04-30-06 - .94.4

Fixed the various bugs mentioned in my thread at wowace.com (I think)

- Reimplemented BellCurves to limit outliers.

- Optimized data storage to only run when needed.

- Fixed double search bug
- Switched AdvSearch to being the default search method
- The Base Item Search now reads Search Suffixes.

- Fixed disable bug.
- Auction color works again.
- Changed SmartSplit to Alt-RightClick, I think thats untaken.

- Enhanced a few error messages.

- Now setsowner on load.

- Fixed and enhanced a few small features and bugs
- Added the chatlink module.
- Allows you to type [Lightforge Bracers] in chat and it will turn it into the appropriate link.
- Will print a list of up to ten other options if an exact match is not found.
- Does so without increasing memory use, and is fast, around fifty milliseconds.

- Working on fixing some of the search issues, not quite finished yet.

03-27-06 - .94.3

- Added a API to unregister a function.
- Control Right Click when at the auction house now does a search for that item.
- Shift Right Click will split one off of a stack and then place it in the first open slot in your bag
- Added better error checking in several spots.
- Will now unregister with Tooltip.
- Hopefully fixed some of the bugs with typing /kci iteminfo
- Fixed issue related to per character profiling.
- Will now unregister with Tooltip.
- Will now unregister with Tooltip.

03-10-06 - .94.2a
-A few small changes to fix a bug for KCET support.

03-10-06 - .94.2
-Adv Search Bug with 1h and 2h weapons
-Comparisons with nils or strings have been fixed.
-Chatbox compatability
-Possibly More
-Limited Linkwrangler Support (See Notes Below)
-New Module: ItemInfo (See Notes Below)
-Optimizer will remove some old invalid data on load. You should see the upgrade message.

Support for LinkWrangler has been added. However only merged tooltips and no moneyframes. These limitations will be removed after 1.10.
I have added a small module that will add the max stack info to the tooltip. Submit requests for any other info you'd like this to display.

v0.94.1 Beta - 3/4/06
I believe that I have fixed the following bugs.

-Money frame bug with overlapping
-Keybindings have been added in for linkview
-Toggling broker not cleaning up after itself
-Setting autofill throwing an error while in standby
-Not being able to set mode to memory
-Think I fixed the upgrade error for stats

Added the API to get a character list

KC_Items.common:GetCharList(realm, faction)

both arguments are optional. if ommited it will return data based on all options (i.e. if faction is nil then it will return all horde and alliance)

v0.94 Beta - 3/4/06
There has been a complete rewrite, again.

-- Updated for 1.9 random fixes a few random ads.

v0.93 Beta 1b - 10/25/2005
- a few spelling mistakes, including 'teir'
- a bug in auctionbroker that would interfere with normal bag funciton while using the AH
- a bug in linkview that would through an error on an empty search.
- random other small things.
- the ability to specify what side of the linkview frame the tooltip showed on, left is default.
- can't remember I really need to track this stuff as I do it.

v0.93 Beta 1a - 10/15/2005
- AuctionBroker bug where you couldn't sell or click before you opened the AuctionHouse
- Merged tooltip mode now works.
- Put key bindings back in.

I can't remember if there was anything else but I fixed all the bugs that have been reported so far.

v0.93 Beta 1 - 10/14/2005
- All 1.8 issues.
- Rounding error on tooltip.
- Autofill now will first look for a previous listing, and if that fails it will look at market value, and if that fails will look for vendor price.
- ALL modules have received a change/addition in options.
- Three teir sorting has been added to LinkView.
- AuctionBroker allows you to shift left click to list items using the prices generated by autofill.
(Known Issues)
- If you click a text link twice a seperated tooltip will continue to stay.
- Advance Search isn't finished yet.

A lot of other small (and maybe big) things, fixes, tweaks, and additions, please explore and let me know if you break anything!

v0.92e - 9/16/2005
-- Added dressing room support for Rundown and LinkView

v0.92d - 9/13/2005
-- Toc update until .93 gets finished.

v0.92c - 8/17/2005
--Bug that would display a 0 qty result sometimes.
--I hopefully fixed the memory problem associated to large pools of old auction data.

v0.92b - 8/15/2005
--Hopefully fixed issues with bankslot 24 and wrong data showing up sometimes.

v0.92a - 8/15/2005
--A few known bugs and nil errors.
--A bug where sometimes tooltips showed the wrong data on the character frame.
--A notice about if autofill is turned on/off.
v0.92 - 8/14/2005
--bugs with the prune commands.
--Several bugs in the optimizer section in relation to importing auction data.
Please note that continued usage of the optimizer module with auctioneer and KC_Auction running may cause data in KC_Auction to skew.
--Auction data is no longer stored via a straight avg/mean (their the same) method
Instead I now will only take into account data that falls within 1.5 standard deviations of the bell curve in a given set of price data. Auction data should approach a high degree of accuracy once an auction has been seen 30 or more times. This has been managed while keeping memory usage down. Due to this extreme change in data storage upgrade of previous data is NOT possible. I apologize for this and I don't believe it will be necessary again.
--Truncation of extremely long item names on the linkview and rundown window.
--Spacer lines in the tooltip to improve readability.
--Auction will now auto fillout the starting and buyout prices for items. This is based on a combination of what auction data you have stored and if that is unavailable it falls back on vendor sell values. This can be toggled via /kci auction autofill.

v0.91e - 8/10/2005
--more bugs with various nil values
--Prune commands to remove bulk items. /kci prune will give you more information. Currently you can prune for double names or based on color. Want to prune based on other things, please let me know.

v0.91d - 8/7/2005
--Alot of stupid bugs, I hope.

v0.91c - 8/7/2005
--Auction Bug
--Rundown KCRB not showing up.
Keybinding for Rundown

v0.91b - 8/7/2005
--Chat Handler Bug

v0.91a - 8/7/2005
--Small Bank Bug

v0.91 - 8/7/2005
--Many many small annoying bugs.
--Had to change the way certain data was storing, this is creating slightly larger memory footprint, but still very small.
--Linkview now autofocus's on the searchbox when you mouseover the frame. This was changed to prevent having your keybound character in the box when it opened.
--Item descriptors are now saved. As a side effect of this you may notice on certain items you'll appear to have various copies of an item, these are in fact different.
--Clicking on a item in KCI makes the persistant tooltip popup.
--Tipster and EquipCompare now play well with LinkView and Rundown tooltips.
--Streamlined code.
--KC_RadialButtons for both linkview and rundown
--Keybinding for linkview.
--Added tooltip support for more tooltips.

--There was more, but I've lost track of everythign over the last few days.