With the introduction of patch 5.0.4 I thought I would revamp my addons and portal pages.

In the process of changing my addons I am introducing a new versioning system. Instead of my original x.xx.xxx system which didn't help the user identify what it was designed for I am switching to the following:

WoW Release . WoW Version . AddOn Update No ( for the 2nd or more updates since that wow version was installed ). Some versions have a date value before the update no but these will be phased out.

EG. XInfo_AltLevel is now
This would show you the user that it was updated with that version in mind and thus you can see at a glance when it was last updated wow version wise and date wise. Hopefully I won't be making more than 99 changes a day haha.

All my addon pages will now point back to here for a centralised point of reference but I will also take account of posts on the addon pages itself.

AddOn Versions
XInfo_AltLevel -
XMage_Portals -
nUI_Infopanel_GuildChat -
nUI_Infopanel_Chat -
nUI_Infopanel_Whispers -

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08-29-19 10:19 AM by: Xrystal
Understandably nUI has taken the brunt of my development time on wow since Classic went live. I will get back to my addons at some point though. Those with more interest will get the priority however. I will endeavour to have a single addon work in both versions but not tested this possibility yet so will stick with different versions for the time being.

Version Number wise things are only slightly different.


Version is the wow version the addon was coded and tested on.
Revision is the revision the addon was coded and tested on.
Update is a rolling number starting with 0 to 9 showing a update cycle allowing up to 10 updates per Revision.
Each update number also has a single letter starting with 'a' after it allowing 26 individual mini development updates in each update cycle.


This is for Version 1.13.2 of Classic Wow and was tested under Revision 31650 and is the first update '0' which is on its 5th development update. - Last Final Update - Development Update 'a' based on Final Update '0' - Development Update 'b' based on Final Update '0a' - Development Update 'c' based on Final Update '0b' - Development Update 'd' based on Final Update '0c' - Development Update 'e' based on Final Update '0d' - Current Final Update '1' that has all the development updates from '0a' to '0e'
Pre-Expansion Patch Looming....

With the prepatch hitting us on 17h July I am holding off making any live changes. Seeing as I have just updated the Beta version to include all the new live fixes and features I will use that as the base for live when the patch hits. In the mean time if I do any work it will be on the Beta version so that I know I will have a BfA compatible version of nUI still. There is definitely a lot more work to do on nUI but at least it doesn't crash when you log in ( so far rofl ).
Due to the many addons I have that are connected to nUI I have done a test run of the latest bug fixed version ( not by the current developer ) and received 29 to 34 unique errors. Needless to say until they fix nUI ( my days of bug fixing it are over - it needs a full rewrite after all this time) the nUI specific addons cannot be tested let alone updated/fixed to work with the new expansion.

However, after a few months of seeing no response on the nUI pages on Curse Forge and the suggestion that I would be the best one to handle the task, so I did and finally got rid of the 30+ log in errors that were occuring on Battle for Azeroth Beta and the Rune Frame error that appeared on Live.

I have uploaded these here under the nUI+ and nUI Core categories. Please test them as I haven't thoroughly tested them beyond logging in and fighting.
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04-04-18 07:02 PM by: Xrystal
Those who have read the messages on the individual addons will know already but I have recently come back from a year long break from the game and working through my characters so that they are ready for the expansion when it arrives.

I am currently in the Alpha so once addons become available I'll be able to prepare my addons to work in that version. Unless nUI is broken itself I will also make sure that the nUI specific addons are working as well.

However, I am not using nUI anymore and do not plan to keep it up and running again as I did the last few years. I am currently using SyncUI which I do like but I am considering writing a pluggable UI system of my own once my knowledge and skill in various areas increase, whether this becomes available to the public remains to be seen.

The API seems to have changed in several areas I am interested in so as I play the game I will see potential addon requirements to suit my personal play style. These will go in my Ideas page for future considerations.
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05-08-09 11:12 AM by: Xrystal
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