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Use FlightMap if present to record flight time and cost.
Feature #: 1245
File: FuBar - ToFu
Date: 08-19-06 12:33 PM
By: askjosh
Status: Under Review
I really like the features that Flight map offers in paticular, the ability to see all the Flight paths on the main map as well as flight times and cost. However what I dont like is the flight timer bar that dhask uses.

would it be possible for you to detect if Flightmap is installed and if so then use FlightMap for data recording. Your addon could then gather the flight time and cost from FlightMap's database and display it in the FuBar.

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By: askjosh - 08-19-06 12:34 PM
this would also take care of the auto dismount issue as FlightMap already offers that option. so it would be the best of both worlds if you could plug his data into your addon.