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Groupchat announcements when questitems looted
Feature #: 1620
File: FuBar - QuestsFu
Date: 11-16-06 01:55 AM
By: Hapepe82
Status: Feature Implemented
This is a great addon!

I just wiped all my addons and started new with Fubar 2.0 and this plugin is a must-have!

There are only two things I am missing. I was using the addon "Quest Assist 1.0" since I started playing and it has the following features which I would love to see in QuestFu as well.

* play a sound on quest completion
* place a message in the partychat, when a quest item is looted

While the first one is only some kind of "acoustical reward" for good work, the second one is a vital information for me in a group, when many members are doing the same quests.

Is it possible to such a thing in QuestFu without too much work?

The Quest Assist addon can be found here:


The author says that he is no longer playing WoW, but he would be glad if someone picked up his mod... maybe we can pick up at least some of his ideas?

I hope you find these features as useful as I do, and if you need help, I am willing to learn LUA and the Ace2 library!

Thanks in advance!


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By: Hapepe82 - 01-11-07 07:14 AM
I found an addon that does exactly that: announcement of quest progress in the party chat:


Nice one !

Maybe you can incorporate this functionality into QuestFu?
By: Hapepe82 - 02-04-07 05:34 PM
Perfect! I just saw that you did it and can't wait to try it! Thank you very very much!!