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Support custom channels and federated guilds
Feature #: 2626
File: AuldLangSyne
Date: 03-08-08 12:48 PM
By: Ruinna
Status: Under Review
Hi Kemayo,

I'm a member of two guilds.. Well, technically, just one, but that's only due to Blizzard. I try and keep track of my second guild through a custom chat channel, but I'm curious-- Perhaps AuldLangSyne can help me!

I'd love to be able to see who is in this custom chat channel, or currently online via a custom "/who <arguments>" command so I can better keep track of all my friends, without having to add them all to my friends list.

Does this sound feasible? Could they be added as extra modules to AuldLangSyne? If you think it might be straight forward, I'd be happy to spend some time looking at it myself :)


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By: XMinioNX - 03-20-08 09:11 AM
/chatinfo <channel name/channel number>

should do the trick you want, it'll list everyone in that channel