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Friendlist enhancement
Feature #: 3200
File: AuldLangSyne
Date: 12-23-08 05:21 PM
By: legine
Status: Under Review
Hello I am a big Fan of AuldLangSyne. Didnt know about that song thought (I am german :P) But I am browsing Wiki atm to close that Gap. :-)

I wondering if you can add a infinite Friendlist. Holofriends has that feature.
The problem is that you still only can monitor 50 ppl (I read from a compare to Holofriends). So you may need to implement a switch for Characters to monitor and others not to.

And the other thing would be a grouping function so you can grouping them into i.e. Twinks, Friends, nice guys, good pvpers or something.

If you do that this would be awsome :-D


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By: legine - 12-23-08 05:22 PM
same as this one :P

Sorry, just have seen it