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Show most recent quest data in bar
Feature #: 355
File: FuBar - QuestsFu
Date: 03-25-06 07:09 AM
By: Tekkub
Status: Feature Implemented
I'm happy to see this mod crop up for BossPanel. So here's my idea contribution:

When a quest's data changes, show that line of text on the bar, if the quest item is complete show the first incomplete line. If the whole quest is complete show the quest name and "(Complete)". Naturally give an option to turn this functionality on and off.

So, for example's sake, lets say you have this quest:

[22] Go Kill Crap
Rabid Wolves slain: 3/4
Fluffy Bunnies slain: 6/8

Initially nothing is shown on the bar
You kill a bunny, now the bar says: Fluffy Bunnies slain: 7/8
You kill another bunny: Rabid Wolves slain: 3/4
You kill a wolf: Go Kill Crap (Complete)

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By: Kemayo - 04-09-06 09:06 PM
I like this. I just need to take the time to find out what event/hook I need to use to get it.