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Objective Coloring Options
Feature #: 362
File: FuBar - QuestsFu
Date: 03-26-06 08:29 AM
By: Boss
Status: Feature Implemented
There should be a way to turn off the objective coloring. Also, the default color for the objectives (when not colored by completion status) should be the color of the difficulty of the quest (gray, green, yellow, orange, red). I also think that completed objectiives should be hidden or have an option to hide completed objectives (I didn't say completed quests).

Item 1 2 / 8
Item 2 8 / 8 (Either gray out or hide this line, based on options)

Also, some objectives don't have counts to them, and they are always gray, it'd be nice if they matched up with the color of the difficulty.

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By: Boss - 03-26-06 09:09 AM
I also have another good idea.

Instead of using AddLine, use AddDoubleLine. Have the item/mob name on the left and have the #/# on the right. You could color the name the difficulty color and the #/# based on a percentage.
By: Kemayo - 03-26-06 02:41 PM
I've done all of that apart from matching non-numeric objectives to the quest difficulty color. I'm undecided on whether I want to do that -- it feels like a source of confusion if one actually has color-by-completion turned on as well. I shall think. And maybe add options.