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easier add/remove bags & slots
Feature #: 4317
File: BankStack
Date: 12-03-10 05:44 AM
By: euda
Status: Under Review
.. from the Ignore and Groups list.

I see this being done a lot of ways and no idea which would be easiest to code up.

Way #1
Have buttons like you do with DropTheCheapestThing consideration lists, and include some for adding. Maybe a left/right "pool" like a dual select list. One list would be unused slots and other are ignored. Groups would be a big more complicated this way I guess.

Way #2
Some kind of overlay like Bartender or Dominos does for key binding, if you're familiar with that, which would allow mouse clicking right over the slots to pick them. To pick a group maybe create the group name and then pop up it's overlay for selection. Ignored slots would just be a special type of group? Actually you probably do this already hah.

Anyway just some ideas there. I don't mind the typing of slots so much as it feels kinda clunky. Everything else is fantastic so far. Nothing can replace this beautiful sorting!