04-18-06 10:21 PM by: Mazzlefizz
Cleaning up camera data is turning out to be a daunting task, so I decided to apply some time to releasing a new version with all the fixes, changes and add-on updates that have happened since 1.10 came out.
Mazzle UI 0.23b ChangeLog
  • Feature addition: Clicking on 3D model now targets unit, right-clicking pulls up party menu. You can still hold down to rotate or right-click to start an animation.
  • Feature addition: Added warrior setups (cleaned up and modified version of Endrian's submission, scaled for 1.6, 1.25 and 1.33. Improved mage and priest setups for all three aspect ratios. Generic setups now use smart cast.
  • Feature addition: Mazzifier now properly configures Autorank, Autobar, Fubar and Fastcast.
  • Feature addition: Enhanced version of Ghostbar. It now behaves more like a context menu. Hit Shift-Mousebutton-4 to pull up.
  • Feature addition: Enhanced version of LootHog courtesy of Tigerheart. Shows min/max amounts for each player,
    above what the author did, so you can see 'cheaters' right away.
  • Feature addition: First pass at merged user database from all current submissions. Approximately twice the size of previous database. Over 3500 mobs from all over Azeroth.
  • Art addition: Added chat edit box border to match rest of UI
  • Layout change: Group 2 and 3 swapped in 20 man 1.6 layout for better 10 man group layout, 1 and 2 swapped in 40 1.33 layout for less strange initial group formation
  • Addon Change: Added Ghostbar, Boss Panel, many Boss add-ons, WT_ZoningTimeFix, Catalyst, FilterTradeSkill 2.2.2, EasyMasterLoot 0.1.b1, Finder Reminder, TargetZ, Loothog
  • Code Improvement: Moved minimap mask and casting bar art into add-on folder and got rid of data folder override (new feature in 1.10)
  • Layout change: Trinketbar moved up per user request
  • Layout change: Autobar added (anchored to topright of chatbox 7)
  • Layout change: Flight timer bar moved to same location as casting bar
  • Addon Change: Removed KCAutoRepair (FuBar Repair module does the same thing), removed rSelfCast (already possible within DAB which also does smart self, and alt-clicking), removed all Titan addons (replaced by FuBar), removed TellTarget (functionality already in ChatFrameExtender.)
  • Addon Change: Temporarily disabled Warmup, SortEnchant, FuBar Recap due to unresolved errors.
  • Settings change: Updated CFE, SCT, CTRA, NeedyList Mazzifier configurations.
  • Settings change: Added new needy list 2.0 features (yay, sticky multi groups!)
  • Addon Update:
    AutoRank 1101, Catalyst 1.1.1, CharactersView 0.9.1, ChatCast 1.41, ChatFrame Extender 1100.05, CleanChat TV8, ClearFont 1100v4, CT Raid Assist 1.532, CT Raid Assist Boss Mods 1.22, CT Viewport 1.22, Decursive 1.94, Discord Action Bars 3.15, Discord Art 1.4, Discord Frame Modifier 1.2, Discord Library 1.4, Discord Macro Functions 1.26, Discord Unit Frames 2.45, DmgCalc 1.7, FastCast v1102, FizzWidget's AdSpace 1100-1, HitsMode 2.1.4, Inner Fire v1103, ItemRack 1.95, Metamap 3.30, MobileFrames 3.21, MobInfo 2.85, NeedyList 2.0, SCT 4.11, SM_PlayerMenu 1.4, SortEnchant 2.11, SuperInspect 1.17, SuperInspect 1.18, TargetButtons 0.36, TheoryCraft 1.02j, Timex R23.01, WT ZoningTimeFix 1.6c