04-23-06 07:34 AM by: Mazzlefizz
Another big update with some cool new features and important bug fixes. I'll do anything to keep away from having to dig into that nasty mess of camera database work I'm supposed to start on
Mazzle UI 0.24b ChangeLog
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI efficiency mode! New button changes settings of various add-ons and uses gfxToggle to lower graphical and computational costs to speed up your performance in demanding areas. Currently changes graphics, turns off random animations, flinching animations, Recap and SimpleCompass. More to come in the future.
  • Feature Addition: New hidden hot zone. Clicking on the coordinates below the map will open up SimpleCompass.
  • Feature Addition: Right-clicking on Recap corner (bottom right of MazzleUI panel) toggles combat tracking. Left-clicking hides/shows the Recap window.
  • Addon Change: Went back to old NeedyList. I don't think the current version is ready for prime time.
  • Feature Addition: Modified older version of NeedyList to have an "Add Party" button in the configurations. Expanded the number of characters you can type in the sticky box to be twice as long.
  • Bug Fix: Fubar altered so that it doesn't try to move the chat frame window (and make the general tab disappear). Fubar deprecation messages also suppressed.
  • Bug fix: Autobar will no longer lose its position when you pull up the options window for it.
  • Bug Fix: Target of Target bar for party members now works in 1.6 aspect layout.
  • Bug Fix: Disabled texture detail changing in gfxtoggle to avoid disappearing of minimap.
  • Code Improvement: Moved minimap border into add-on folder and got rid of data folder overrides completely.
  • Code Improvement: MazzleUI art in Discord Library folder moved to MazzleUI directory
  • AddOn Addition: Fubar What's Up 1.90 (shows you how many of each BG is up), QueueWho 2.89, Mendeleev 1.6.5, SimpleCompass 0.7, AQ AutoMount 1.7
  • Addon Update: ItemRack 1.06, Metamap 3.4, Warmup 0.5, NeedyList 2.01, Catalyst 1.20, ChatFrame Extender 1100.07, Book of Tracks 1100-7, AceLoot R6
  • Layout Change: Changed self and target buff frames to be better aligned and start filling from the appropriate places in 1.25 aspect layout
  • Layout Change: Damage overlay on player better centered in all 3 aspects
  • Layout Change: Rest XP now shown as % rather than absolute amount (which seems to be buggy) in all 3 aspects
  • Bug Fix: Added placement of quest timer and game time frame. These probably were not visible before.
  • Layout Change: Removed character frame positioning.
  • Layout Change: Minimap more accurately centered.
  • Layout change: Resized and adjusted target buttons to be more accurately aligned with target frame art.
  • Layout change: TrinketBar moved to be inbetween the time and ChatFrame6. This gives more room to buttons. Now that autobar is on the far right, it's much less likely that a shapeshift or pet bar will be in that spot. MazzleUI Efficiency mode button placed next to TrinketBar
  • Settings change: LootHog settings changed. Among other things, will no longer spam invalid roll messages.