11-29-06 06:51 PM by: Mazzlefizz

Just a maintenance release. Probably the last version before the patch.

MazzleUI 0.75 Changes
  • Feature Addition: Added poison and sharpening stone sets. Mazzifier should now put those items in the correct spots in the rogue layouts.
  • Feature Addition: User can now only have one Mazzlegasm per hour. Everyone needs a little recovery time.
  • Bug Fix: Disabled Prat's sticky features. Was conflicting with ChatManager's and preventing typing in custom chat channels
  • Bug Fix: Hunter bar changing will now work when user doesn't have rank 2 wing clip.
  • Bug Fix: Rogue layout now properly places poison trade skill
  • Bug Fix: Added 3 missing level 40 skeletal horse mounts to Mazzifier
  • Bug Fix: MazzleOptions General options now lined up
  • Bug Fix: All categories now check in KC Items scanning (before it was just recipes)
  • Bug Workaround: MazzleUI will no longer show when WarmUp frame when it is enabled by the user right before Mazzifying.
  • Button Layout Change: Added Mazzlefizz's Hunter Layout 2. Same as the first layout but with range bar switching when out of range to be the opposite of the main one.
  • Button Layout Change: Added higher levels of True Shot Aura
  • Button Layout Change: Check several key bindings per request from original author
  • Button Layout Change: Changed alt-r bindings in many layouts (20 of them). Alt-r was supposed to be for reply.
  • Settings Change: Added FuBar MageFu. Changed default to conjure cinnabuns. If you don't yet have that, you will need to change the setting in MageFu to the level of items you do have.
  • New FAQ: Added "Usage[/color]: Class-Specific" category
  • New FAQ: Mage Fu does not conjure cinnabuns or does not conjure level of something I don't have.
  • New FAQ: Mage Fu does not show.
  • New FAQ: What are those dots on my screen? (DoTimer)
  • New FAQ: What is this little square on my screen? (Sorren's Hunter Timer)
  • New FAQ: My hunter bars are not switching the way I like them.
  • New FAQ: How to turn off self-casting
  • New FAQ: I click on this button and it picks up my weapon.
  • New FAQ: Bottom or side bars are showing
  • New FAQ: What is this list of addons on my screen
  • New FAQ: My MT windows aren't showing.
  • New FAQ: I can't find a button for my mount
  • New FAQ: Is there a way to make the UI bigger.
  • New FAQ: I want to change my keybindings for buttons. Where do I do that.
  • Updated Add-ons:: DoTimer v1.2 BETA 8.zip, MailTo_1.12.zip, AtlasLoot_Enhanced_1.21_Beta2.zip, FuBar_CombatInfoFu-2.0.zip, !StopTheSpam-r16449.zip, AutoAcceptInvite-1.3.zip, FuBar_ReagentFu-2.0.6.zip, Prat-r17890.zip, BigWigs-r17856.zip, !!!Libs-r17595.zip, Chatmanager_v1121_061007.zip