01-17-07 10:33 AM by: Mazzlefizz

Note: This version is not publically available. It's only for the beta testers.

Change Log
  • Feature Addition: Changed some stuff in Bongos and added supplemental code so that it's much easier edit your layouts now.
  • Feature Addition: When you change the numbers of buttons in a bar via Bongos, MazzleUI will automatically move bars back to the relative anchors specified by the layout you chose. This makes it behave a little more like DAB did. Note that you can also still drag bars around. This only happens when you add buttons.
    • You'll still have to move all your actions around b/c the id->bar mapping will change, but at least you don't have to lay everything out again.
  • Feature Addition: MazzleUI will automatically hide the big, weird mega bar that's created as a result of Tigerheart's paging changes.
  • Code Improvement: Completely rewrote action placing portion of button layout algorithm. It's much more streamlined now. This fixed several bugs.
    • Spells and items are more accurately found. For example, it no longer misses certain spells, like cold blood.
    • If I can find any spell localization info, I can also make it work in other languages more easily now. Ace's babblelib doesn't seem to have what I need though. I haven't had time to look, so if anyone has any suggestions where I can find localized spell names (not icon names), please contact me.
  • Code Improvement: Mazzifier will now store generalized button layout information when you mazzify. This will allow a much improved button interface in the future.
  • Bug Fix: HUD text will no longer inherit transparency level from the HUD. I put them in their own frame so that they are always fully opaque.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier's button layout algorithm will no longer create illegal bars of length 0 when you don't have the right spells. This was bugging Bongos out and creating those huge misplaced buttons. (A hidden bar of length 1 will be created. General solution of deleting bars from layout and shifting other bars around was too much of a PITA.)
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now correctly place Shoot action instead of deprecated Shoot gun, crossbow, bow actions.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier should place Detect invisibility correctly again. (It was in there as Detect Greater Invisibility and Detect Lesser Invisibility. Weird.)
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now set global show grid on buttons to true for all 'simple' layouts. This is to avoid the Bongos bug with disappearing empty bars.
  • Bug Fix: sRaidFrames overrides updated for settings change
  • Bug Fix: Forced Status Windows to initialize before being placed. Hopefully, this will resolve some issues people are having with the status windows not being put in the correct position.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will no longer ask you to one-time enable add-ons for Mazzification if that add-on is not applicable to your class.
  • Bug Fix: Mazzifier will now only enable libraries after it ask you whether you want to one-time enable add-ons for Mazzification.
  • Bug Fix: Button size that was too small on one of Durzil's shaman layout fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Several windows will now be positioned correctly even when you're not in a raid. (please report any that don't seem to be like bigwigs, resurrection monitor, etc.)
  • Settings Change: Even though it's technically an add-on setting, autobar position will also be set when you choose to Mazzify your layout.