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09-24-18 06:18 AM by: Taraezor
My popular Long-Forgotten Hippogryph AddOn has not just been updated for BfA but has great new functionality. You can individually/bulk set textures via the World Map or the Minimap.

A quick left click on the Minimap, for example, will alter the texture on the fly. Great for rushing through Azsuna and marking visited locations.

My X and Y AddOn is of course working once again under BfA.

This Scampi Happening is once again tons of fun in BfA.

Hoping you enjoyed Yarrr with Pirate's Day which recently occurred! It is just as much fun anywhere pirates are found at any time of the year!
My popular Long-Forgotten Hippogryph AddOn has had an update. Response here and elsewhere has been encouraging to say the least.

The very similar Netherwing Eggs AddOn has been totally rewritten with even more locations added!

Both of these AddOns are tailored specifically for the task at hand and consequently can't be beaten in terms of accuracy, thoroughness and features.

My X and Y AddOn has had a complete rewrite as well as adding colourised compass points and degree heading to its functionality.

Trainer is a new AddOn designed to place icons on the World Map and minimap to help you locate trainers in Vanilla and TBC. It aims to build upon the success of my LFH and NE AddOns, while providing a unique service for Vanilla and TBC players.

Finally, Let Minnow has been updated as part of my overhaul of my AddOns.
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09-18-17 01:35 AM by: Taraezor
Listen up me hearties, Cap'n Taraezor been hard at work scraping' out the chum bucket to bring you Yarrr.

In no time you be talking' like Cap'n Taraezor with this awesome AddOn, whether it be in yer chat channel or yelling' it out with gusto like a good pirate should!

Get down to Booty Bay for the celebration of Pirate's Day 10:00AM 2017/9/19 to 10:00AM 2017/9/20.

Oh yeah, while yer swabbing' the deck, check out Tar's other AddOns here: Tar's AddOns!
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07-08-17 04:23 AM by: Taraezor
Finally, an AddOn dedicated solely to farming Ephemeral Crystals for your Long-Forgotten Hippogryph!

No more making do with macro or waypoint or notes AddOns. These are unable, for example, to distinguish between caves, the Oceanus Cove or outdoor areas and thus coordinates for all three sub-zone types get muddled together on the World Map.

This AddOn, when outdoors, pinpoints all verified locations plus almost 40 cave entrances on both the World Map and your Minimap. Once inside a cave or the Oceanus Cove, you will only see pinpoints on your Minimap which are relevant to that cave or to the Cove. As the Cove has its own special World Map, so too do you only see the three possible Cove pinpoints. No more muddled maps!

Naturally you can choose from a useful list for your crystal and cave icons and you can resize them too!

So many of my other AddOns have had updates, some quite major. Rather than list them all I simply refer you to my author page at My AddOns for your browsing convenience.
More AddOns!

Last time I went all out geek with Fibonacci but this time around I am pleased to upload:

Dark Soil, a great aid for rapid farming of the various The Tillers friendships.

Co Do Batter, continues my fishing themed AddOns with a predictably "punny" title! This AddOn is for those of you farming the The Limnologist and The Oceanographer achievements.

Enumerate is one of my private AddOns I use all the time when developing a new AddOn idea. It is the sort of thing an author would use as a "base" upon which to build a more personal or bespoke means to enumerate in-game frames.

So many of my other AddOns have had updates, some quite major. Rather than list them all I simply refer you to my author page at My AddOns for your browsing convenience.

I should also plug a MAJOR update to my Tip AddOn. It is just not quite ready for uploading. Stay tuned!
Yet another AddOn!

Time to release that inner geek within us all! At long last we are able to calculate Fibonacci numbers while we are playing WoW. Whether researching for our ground breaking thesis or completing school homework, Fibonacci has got it all covered. Check it out now!

As always, Netherwing Eggs has received a small update, including a fix to a small unnoticed long-standing bug.

Both this and Adorable Hatchling Nests have also been improved with a "protection" mechanism to ensure that your FPS does not take a hammering due to the plentiful Minimap and World Map updates.

And X and Y has had its World Map alteration mechanism changed in order to work in well with other well-behaved AddOns which also use the same game asset.
Whew! Lots of updated AddOns. Some of the changes are very significant.

* Netherwing Eggs now has over 100 uniquely identified and documented spawn locations. A new "Chat Link" feature was also added. There is also the option to see map coordinates within the Tooltips. Language localisation of the non-description parts of NE was finally completed.

* Rare Love is an exciting new AddOn. It allows you, with one macro button press, to target all the known critters and NPCs required for all manner of "/love" and "kill" achievements. From Vanilla right through to the end of MoP! All other rare elites are included, along with special ones such as Lil Timmy!

* Sunrise Sunset is another new AddOn. It addresses the concerns of many players with regards to sunrise and sunset no longer matching their (local) server time. The AddOn tells you the sunrise and sunset times from the point of view of your (local) server time. It also tells you the hidden "Central Server Time" Blizzard uses as its time standard across all servers. No excuses for missing a performance by the ETC in the Grim Guzzler!

* Adorable Hatchling Nests has also had a major update to keep its features in step with Netherwing Eggs. It too can now link coordinates into a chat frame. Essential for sharing with friends and guild mates!

* Some other of my AddOns have had recent updates. Did I mention Easter Eggs?

Well... how about that! Finally got around to (drum roll)... update:

* We Don't Wipe Frost Mage module.
* We Don't Wipe Enhancement Shaman module.

Other AddOns have had some updates here and there but for now until the eagerly anticipated Kara Patch hits, I will try to save any other updates until then as that Patch will require every AddOn from all authors to be updated!
Since my previous post I have been rather busy with my AddOns.

Sure, Yarrr, my new pirate themed AddOn might have slipped by unnoticed (aye me hearties but it be a whole lotta fun for when yer out on thar High Seas with yer cutlass in yer hand!).

And updates to Netherwing Eggs have further enhanced its accuracy and completeness for recording almost all known egg locations.

Then there were updates to enhance or fix minor bugs in Hard Yards, Adorable Hatchling Nests, and This Scampi Happening.

But the big news is that Havoc Demon Hunters now have their very own We Don't Wipe AddOn!!!

A lot of work went into this module and I've noticed it is unique for DPS maximiser / trainer AddOns. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Until next time!