Sunrise Sunset
How Sunrise Sunset Works
Over the years Blizzard has, commendably, attempted to align nominally geographic servers so that the in game time matches the players' real world time.

Recent changes forced upon Blizzard by exploiters "server hopping", as well as the need to consolidate servers, mean that the in game time might be very different from your real world time.

Effectively, this means that the level of daylight outside the window of your computer room no longer matches your in game experience. Aesthetically, this might be annoying or puzzling. Practically, it could make certain fishing and pet achievements and collections, which are based upon a night and day cycle, difficult to acquire.

There is a single centralised time upon which many in game elements are based. It is not revealed to players. Sunrise Sunset calculates this time and calls it the "Central Server Time".

From that, SS then calculates the in-game sunrise and sunset times you visually experience in game. For most players these calculated times do not match your in game "local" and "server" times.

But the CST controls more than just sunrise and sunset. Holiday / World Events, such as Brewfest and the Darkmoon Faire, are based off the CST. Another example is the nightly "easter egg" concert in the Grim Guzzler at 8pm "CST".

SS uses a simple trick: Just as the Central Server Time is standardised, so too are the start and end times of the events in your events calendar. Some of these are widely published. I compare the published/standard times to the times in your calendar. Thus I have an "offset". I then apply that offset against the published/standard sunrise and sunset times and I also provide the estimated CST!

Naturally, on the cusp of "daylight saving" or "summer time" changeovers IRL this AddOn might be out of whack by about an hour for a short while. I look at your events calendar, travelling backwards in time, and base estimates upon the most recent known standardised event.