Long Forgotten Hippogryph
How to Help
All I really need is a very clear screen cap and an approximate location. I will then go to that location, stand right on top of the crystal and then note the coordinates.

I do appreciate that many players, when quoting co-ordinates, quote the PLAYER location and not the object. Thus the reason why a clear and verifiable screen cap is so important. I will do the necessary correction to coordinates myself. I am just thankful for the screen-cap!

There are many public image repositories for uploading screen-caps. I have ever been trolled / hassled in the past so I am reluctant to divulge my email, sorry.

I also understand that as flying is not possible for most players, that hostile mobs may be nearby and given the size of the crystals then standing on them will mostly not be possible. What I do is position myself to one side, facing exactly north or south and that becomes the "X" co-ordinate. I then do the same for the "Y" coordinate. Simple!

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and for considering to help me!

Oh yeah, I do credit your help in the change log!