Long Forgotten Hippogryph
Why are Some Locations Missing?
Reports abound on Reddit, Wowhead, and elsewhere.

Sadly, most of these are accurate to only a tenth of a decimal place or not even that. All my similar AddOns go to hundredths. Additionally, vague reports of being "found in a cave" or being "near a tree near the flight master" and such are of no use to me.

Some sources, sadly, have screen-caps taken from so far away that due mostly to topography I am unable to precisely locate the crystal. A couple of these have been included in the AddOn, with a note about not being verified or being approximate.

There might also be one or two where there was no screen-cap but there were several independent reports such that the possibility of a crystal being in the location was very real.

Also, when I downloaded and collated spawn points from numerous sources I noticed that most were duplicates with wildly differing coordinates and some of these duplicates were from within a single source! This is just not accurate enough.

My Netherwing Eggs AddOn has an impeccable reputation, built from a small but accurate beginning. I seek to build upon my good name with this AddOn.