04-28-16 03:35 AM by: Taraezor
Legion is looming and getting AddOns ready for that is foremost in my mind.

There are still several AddOns I wish to write before Legion hits.

And We Don't Wipe, given the nature of the AddOn, will forever be plagued by "protection errors". A solution is to divide the AddOn into its core components, each able to be downloaded separately. This process has begun and indeed already exists to an extent with the existing AddOns Hard Yards and Cool Aid.

I am considering WDW, from Legion onwards, being downloaded as a bundle of integrated AddOns. You pick and choose which you need.

I do have several modules for my Best Quest AddOn. I have mentioned elsewhere I lost most of my work on these with a hard disk crash but the need to get these modules released has not been forgotten.

And of course levelling my toons on my newish account so that more WDW modules may be developed.

In summary this all takes time and there is much juggling of priorities to be done.