05-27-16 02:51 AM by: Taraezor
Let Minnow and This Scampi Happening have both been updated today.

While the changes to This Scampi Happening are mainly to add in several more fishing related NPCs, Let Minnow has been significantly enhanced. The hot bar icon will now be changed to reflect the pole you are currently using. A nice little touch.

Upcoming will be a long overdue update to Hard Yards. Quite the neglected AddOn, due largely to the fact that it 'just works'. I have removed a ton of fluff/bloat. It is now lean and simple, as it always should have been. It has also been significantly enhanced. Just mouse over a player/NPC and the tooltip will display the distance range! The algorithm to calculate ranges has been enhanced for greater precision too!

Hard Yards has not been uploaded just yet. Coding is complete but I wish to run with it for a day or two while playing WoW to ensure all is good. Oh yeah, taint sources REMOVED.

Edit: Uploaded! Enjoy. See the note about using Hard Yards in Legion beta!