05-31-16 04:09 AM by: Taraezor
With Hard Yards updated successfully I have returned my attention to Let Minnow.

I know I updated it just the other day but I noticed a deficiency when doing a Daily in Orgrimmar. I had just gone out the back exit and got myself a stag eye. Now, down in the Valley of Wisdom I apply my Stage Eye Buff and... oh dear. If my poles keep switching over then this will take a long time - the necessary buff is only on ONE pole.

I could do a test for quests and buffs and disable Let Minnow while the quest buff was active and the quest objective hadn't been met... that would slow things right down and make the AddOn complicated. There are around 20 or 30 regular fishing buffs in the game I estimate. This is meant to be a trivial AddOn. So...

I have added the very simple option to turn ON and OFF the AddOn from within the AddOn. The value is saved between sessions. On loading I print the current value to chat. This chat based switch also means the player DOES NOT need to /reload.

Edit: Uploaded! Look for v1.02

Oh yeah : It works GREAT in Legion Beta!!!