2019 ushers in a raft of Battle for Azeroth updates for my series of World Map / Minimap based item farming AddOns.

All feature clickable map pins with popup configuration menus as well as informative tooltips, complete with double precision coordinates! Other configuration options are accessible via the "magnifying glass" pin in the upper-right corner of the World Map.

😃 Nobody can resist an Adorable Raptor Hatchling companion
😃 Or a magnificent ethereal-like Netherwing Drake mount
😃 Or a gorgeous pink Long-Forgotten Hippogryph mount
😃 Or the curious Loose Pebbles of Dalaran
😃 And the related Dark Soil of The Tillers

And finally, the following AddOns have had some Battle for Azeroth spit and polish:

😃 X and Y for map coordinates
😃 Yarrr for all your pirating needs!