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Adding a Keyring Button
Feature #: 2573
File: FuBar - BagFu
Date: 01-30-08 06:01 PM
By: caffiend86
Status: Under Review
Wondering if you could an option to open your keyring to this mod? This way fubar users who utilize other mods like bongos that give options for removing ones bags would be able to hide their bags completely and just use bagfu as a bag button, etc.

Possible options:
Check box to open keyring with other bags
Shift + Click to open keyring
a selectable "open keyring" from the drop down menu when you right click it

Anyway thanks for putting this great mod out there etc...

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By: caffiend86 - 01-31-08 12:24 PM
Slight Update, I notice that currently if you don't have profession and ammo bags checked off you cannot use Bagfu to open them. So as an addendum to the previous request, how about a Shift+Click opens all bags including keyring profession, and ammo, etc thus covering all the bases...