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Level adjustments and font sizes
Feature #: 3125
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu
Date: 11-18-08 09:29 AM
By: Fonjask
Status: Under Review
Your addon is really nice as a minimal FuBar plugin, but I would still love to see the following features:
  • Like in this AddOn (which, unfortunately, is broke now), I would just love to see a function that makes you insert a 'level adjustment'. This means, that if I set the level adjustment to for example 5, my hit/crits on things lower than 5 level below my level will be ignored. When I was doing the 'Friend or Fowl?' achievement (Slay 15 turkeys in 3 minute), I had to reset the addon because most of my skills had crit on the poor level 1 turkeys...
  • And is there a possibility (without having to download ClearFont or something like that) to change the font SIZE of your AddOn popup? I've already filtered what I can, but I'm a Paladin using lots of different skills and it just won't fit on the normal tooltip without me having to scroll down... Please support that as well :)
  • Keep up the good work ^^!

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By: Fonjask - 11-18-08 09:30 AM
Remove the extra 'http://' in front of the link >.<