01-19-18 11:45 PM by: aallkkaa
LibSpellName2SID 1.0.07 has been published yesterday, on the same day as I first started this portal. You can now use the Bugs and the Features buttons on this portal or on LibSpellName2SID's page to report or request one or the other.

LibSpellName2SID has been released primarily for use in ReadySpells (an old addon by Aldmehr - with later contributions by twobits and benots4 - I recently was give ownership of and for which I'm working on releasing and updated version).
When I first talked about LibSpellName2SID as a replacement to the long gone LibBabbleSpell, people seemed uninterested. But in the couple months it's been up, it's gotten a steady 30 to 40 monthly downloads. I have no idea how many downloads an addon (a library in particular) gets every month just out of curiosity, so to speak, and thus that (seemingly large) number of downloads came as a bit of a surprise to me. It's a even a favorite for some one!
If you are interested in LibSpellName2SID and would be so kind as to leave a comment about it, I'd appreciate it.

Have fun!