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Kill on Sight Lists
Feature #: 4987
File: weizPVP
Date: 10-25-18 04:09 PM
By: pretoast
Status: Currently Working On
This is a big one that will prob involve a bunch of new things or me to create.. so it may not be out anytime immediately soon.

Things I aim to include for KOS (will not all happen at once):
  • Right click or Modifier click to mark player as KOS.
  • Dropdown menu for removing/adding KOS Players and Guilds.
  • Seperate Window to display saved KOS list showing players and guilds.
  • Add KOS sorting options to display list.
  • Create KOS icon, or somehow use an indicator to show that are a KOS player on your list
  • KOS Marking on nameplates.
  • Crosshair to include KOS indicator, changing colors of come elements, or an icon/text.
  • Screenshot on on when it was a KOS player.
  • Store K/D ratio of kos players (and maybe all players at some point)
  • Notifications of a KOS player marked for bounty in your zone or area.