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    07-03-06 01:48 PM by: Gemini_II
    In my quest for optimization and speed, I have been testing out a CTRA alternative. CTRA is a great tool, but I know it could be more efficient. In 40 man raids it becomes one of the most bloated addons running.

    Since CTRA functionality is critical, I will only be satisfied by: comparible features, increased performance, customization. I believe I have found the alternative. Enter oRA, XRaid, and BigWigs. oRA (and it's modular addons) provide only the CTRA goodness you need, without the extras you don't. XRaid provides beautiful frames for raidmembers/MT's and finally BigWigs is a CTRA_BossMods replacement.

    Further testing is underway, but I would appreciate any feedback!