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    With GUI 2.2.0 comes a major change in the libraries of the modpack. Instead of maintaining multiple, redundant Ace2 libraries and taking up additional space and memory, I have centralized all of these libraries. In you list of addons, these will all be shown as mods now. Please do not disable any of these, as Ace2 mods will no longer work!

    The list of Ace2 libraries are basically anything that is not listed as a mod, currently: AbacusLib, Ace2, AnchorsAway, Babble-2.2, BanzaiLib, CandyBar, CompostLib, CrayonLib, Deformat, DewdropLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0, GloryLib, GratuityLib, ItemBonusLib, JostleLib, Metrognome, OnseStorage, PaintChipsLib, ParserLib, PeriodicTable, PeriodicTable-2.0, ProximityLib, Quixote, RosterLib, SpecialEventsEmbed, Stitch-1.0, SurfaceLib, TabletLib, TableTopLib, TipLib, TouristLib