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    Odd near-death error with version 1.1.0
    Bug #: 1230
    File: cgCrafty
    Date: 05-26-06 09:19 AM
    By: Zidomo
    Status: Fixed
    Was on my 54 warrior alt. Has blacksmithing & mining (naturally) along with cooking, first aid & fishing (of course). Was fighting a few things solo in Un'Goro. Due to the length of time since I was last there with main, forgot the travel paths of the Elite dinos there. Was also "rooted" by a Bloodpetal was fighting. Got wacked close to death, but did not die before escaping.

    With about 300 HP left, the following error message unexpectedly popped up: "...\cgCrafty.lua:324: bad argument #1 to 'lower' (string expected, got nil)".

    No trade skill window was open. I was doing nothing but running and (perhaps) mousing over a few hotbar icons.

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    By: chuckg - 05-26-06 11:47 PM
    I can't imagine how you produced that error without a window open. Did you by chance previously have the crafting window open and type in a search but not actually commit the search? Then, at the end of the fight hit your "Enter" key or click randomly on the screen?

    By: chuckg - 05-26-06 11:50 PM
    One more thing; do you perhaps have another mod that is hooking in / checking your crafting/tradeskill events besides cgCrafty?
    By: chuckg - 05-27-06 12:08 AM
    Found it, fixed in 1.1.4.
    By: Zidomo - 05-27-06 09:41 AM
    Nope, nope & sort of .

    Crafting window was open at the beginning of the session, but not at all for the 45 mins of fighting during which the error appeared. I didn't type in a search then close the window without pressing ENTER or the"S" button.

    I do have KC_EnhandedTrades 1.2.2114 (the most recent release) installed with its included compact KC_Items, though. And did collect some ore prior in the session and open bags, which would have made changes to its database.
    By: chuckg - 05-27-06 02:51 PM
    Yea that was my mistake. In either case, it's fixed in the current release (1.2.0) and shouldn't crop up anymore. Sorry about the inconvenience. Also, let me know if you have anymore bugs that show their faces, I'm curious to see how my mod plays with KC_ET.