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    UIDropDownMenu Errors in v1.2.1
    Bug #: 1295
    File: cgCrafty
    Date: 06-01-06 06:37 AM
    By: ZombiePope
    Status: Fixed
    I receive this when I first open a tradeskill window:

    "Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua: 703: attepmt to index a nil value"

    Subsequent times I open the tradeskill window, I receive:

    "Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua: 728: attempt to index local `filterText' (a nil value)"

    Also, the drop-down box to select search by name, reagent, etc., is missing. The search feature works though, searching by names.

    This is the first version of cgCrafty I've tried, so I don't know if it's just started happening in 1.2.1. I've also tried disabling every addon besides cgCrafty and Ace, and I still get these errors when I do. I also made sure that I have the recent Ace version, 1.3.1.

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    By: chuckg - 06-01-06 11:39 PM
    I was unable to reproduce either of the errors you recieved. Tell me a few things:

    1. Did you have any other mods previously enabled that modified the tradeskill frames?
    2. What profession was it?
    3. Do you receive this error using 1.2.0?
    By: ZombiePope - 06-02-06 12:38 AM
    It was the Enchanting tradeskill when I tried this. I've never had a mod that modified tradeskill screens. I once had a mod called CharacterProfiler that read information out of them which I'd upload for my guild's roster on the web page; I think that's been my only mod that dealt with that at all.

    I'll go try other tradeskill screens, and try version 1.2.0 now.
    By: ZombiePope - 06-02-06 12:56 AM
    I've now tried other tradeskill windows, and I have interesting results. When Tailoring is the first tradeskill I open, everything works, including Enchanting. No error messages. I can search Enchanting by regents, etc., with the dropdown box.

    When Enchanting is the first tradeskill I open, I get errors described, not only on Enchanting, but on Tailoring as well. So I guess it's an issue with the mod's initialization. It does not like initializing with Enchanting, somehow.

    I also tried out version 1.2.0, and had the same results. It works correctly when I open Tailoring first, and incorrectly when I open Enchanting first.

    Anyway even with this issue, I have an easy workaround now, and I can say the mod works great. The default enchanting window is a huge mass of spam and this really helps me find the stuff I want. Thanks.
    By: chuckg - 06-02-06 07:25 PM
    Confirmed the bug, but I'm having issues narrowing it down because of some ambiguities in my code. I hope to have a fix for this by 1.2.3, so stay tuned. As for a quick workaround, yea just open up any tradeskill window (anything other than enchanting or hunter pet training) first and you should be good to go.

    Really sorry about that.
    By: chuckg - 06-22-06 05:00 AM
    This seems to have fixed itself in 1.11 without need for my intervention.
    By: ZombiePope - 07-06-06 10:58 AM
    It works fine for me since 1.11 too.