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    Somethings i would love to see in to defintly get rid of those joking chatmod around.
    Feature #: 2312
    File: mumble
    Date: 06-08-07 03:58 AM
    By: Klam
    Status: Under Review
    Hello Chuck

    Would it be possible from yu to add it in mumble package simple code i used to have in SimpleChatMod maybe not well written but ey am not coder^^

    scmFlags = AceLibrary("AceAddon-2.0"):new("AceHook-2.1")

    local _G = getfenv(0)
    local altflags = {
    CHAT_FLAG_AFK = "[AFK] ",
    CHAT_FLAG_DND = "[DND] ",
    CHAT_FLAG_GM = "[GM] ",

    function scmFlags:OnEnable()

    function scmFlags:Setflags(t, c)
    for k in pairs(c or t) do
    _G[k] = t[k]

    Also could yu add the UrlCopy module from SCM/Prat etc in Mumble and why not DEFAULT_CHATFRAME_ALPHA = 0 for that annoying and stupid Blizz function.
    Best Regards

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    By: chuckg - 06-08-07 03:39 PM
    I'll be happy to add the SetFlags component, it's just something I overlooked. As for URLCopy, I understand where you're coming from on this one, but with the ability to copy the whole line already, it's already pretty easy to grab a URL from the chatline using either your mouse or arrow and shift keys. The addition of URLCopy just feels like "more of the same".

    I'm not sure, however, what you mean by:
    "why not DEFAULT_CHATFRAME_ALPHA = 0 for that annoying and stupid Blizz function."

    Could you please clarify a little?
    By: Klam - 06-09-07 08:12 AM
    Thx alot for yur answer and understand it. About DEFAULT_CHATFRAME_ALPHA = 0 its just i added it at end of yur config file removing that Alpha when yu mouseover the whole Chatframe. Guess at default its soemthing at 25% now if yu set it to 0 you will never ever get that mouseover Chatframe (if you have yur default Chatframe with an Alpha to 0 for example when yu mouseover it it become suddenly black with an alpha around 25% now if DEFAULT_CHATFRAME_ALPHA = 0 theres nomore color change or anything by mouseover)

    Well fortunely thats just 1 line to add in config file so np noneed maybe an update was just first about that URLCopy and AFK flags. I do love Mumble and got rid of all otherchat mods i tried still i would love see that url copy "fast way" click and get it.
    Why not just add it disabled by default =)

    Using all the Mumble functions but still kept URLCopy module from SCM.
    Anyway love the fact yu made yur addon simple, clean and efficace.