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Display emote command in menu.
Feature #: 839
File: EmoteLDB
Date: 06-01-06 04:25 AM
By: eerrrr
Status: Feature Implemented
First, thanks for porting this over, I used to love this addon as a Titan Panel user!

Anyway, one thing that always bugged me about it is that it doesn't tell you what the command for the emote is. So say something happens, you scroll through EmoteFu for the "You clap clearly unimpressed", then by the time you've looked through all the emotes the moment's gone.
If you could possibly include the emote command like "/golfclap" beside the emote text in the menu, it would be so much easier to learn your favourite emotes so you can use them instantly!

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By: Cilraaz - 06-02-06 08:16 PM
This is definitely a possibility. I'll look into adding it and see how much it modifies the full layout. I'll also look at making it a toggleable feature, in case one user would want it and another wouldn't.
By: Cilraaz - 06-03-06 09:16 PM
This feature has been added as of version 0.1.2!
By: eerrrr - 06-04-06 05:13 AM
Brilliant, thanks Cilraaz!