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07-15-06 05:24 PM by: Anshinritsumai
[ Scholomance UI ]
Compilation Version - 1.1
Compilation Release - July 15th, 2006 @ 5:00pm (PST | GMT -08:00)

[ Major Changes ]
Scholomance UI v1.0 Final
Carnival_EnemyCastBar, which was in a sense, working; but it's functionality had been limited with the 1.11 patch and was in a sense out-dated. While the mod continued to work in some forms, it wasn't living upto it's predecessors. Development and support for Carnival_EnemyCastBar has been dropped by the original author, and as of the 1.1 release of Scholomance UI, there will be no support for the Carnival_EnemyCastBar modification. I will still continue to offer support to the Scholomance UI 1.0 final as a whole, but this mod will have support removed.

Scholomance UI v1.1
CEnemyCastBar, a continuation of Carnival_EnemyCastBar, by Natur. This fully updated and working modification of the Enemy Casting Bars modification type, has been fully tested in both World PvE, Instance PvE, World PvP, and Battlegrounds.

[ Additions ]
For the lore enthusiasts that like to read books in WoW's many instances, this modification will keep track of book locations that you find, so that you may come back at a later date.

Busy Signal:
This modification allows for a more customised AFK/DND message with a timestamp that shows the time in which you went AFK or DND. Useful for letting people know that you're going to be going AFK for awhile to go eat dinner or some sort of thing.

Replacing Carnival_EnemyCastBar, this addition is one of the major changes of the modification. Adding more functionality and support for both the solo player and a party, this modification is invaluable to any and all. Keep track of your snares, movement slowing effects, DoTs, etc.

Automatically filters out any messages regarding Chuck Norris, works on all channels. While the whole Chuck Norris jokes was great the first time you hear them, it's annoying the 712th time around.

Extended Quest Log. This modification modifies your quest log so that you may see all 20 quests in your log (pending you have that many) as well as reading the description at the same time. Adds some options and functionality to the basic WoW Blizzard QuestTracker.

This will add a price (based on Auctioneer-collected data) to all reagents required for any profession. For example; a tailor needs 1 mooncloth, 4 bolts of runecloth, and 1 runed thread; the mod will also show a price for each individual material required to make the mod. This price is based on data collected through the Auction House scan via the Auctioneer modification.

KillLog will keep track of all your PvE kills. This is useful for finding good grind or farming mobs, as it keeps track of loot, xp earned, # of kills, # of deaths, etc.

If you can take the headache to configure this mod, it's well worth it; and congratulations to you. This modification will show all threat and aggro in a DamageMeters-style window. Mostly useful for tanks during a raid, but useful for all. Just in case some rogue, hunter, mage, or warlock pulls off the aggro from the main tank, you can see who did it.

This modification will, by default, remove all messages from the LFG channel that do not include any mix and match of the messages; LFG, LFM, LF2M, LF3M, etc, etc, etc.

This is an item storage database. This searchable database starts clean, and fills itself up as you see more items off mobs or in chat (channel, party, guild or raid). Once your database has items in it, you may search for items. Very useful when looking up gear and stats.

While KillLog is the sort of thing that you'd like to have when figuring out where you want to go grind, farm, quest, or level up when just logging in or vendor trashing your runecloth at Cenarion Hold; MobInfo2 will provide Tooltip functionality that displays the average XP from the mob, mob HP, mob mana, kills to level (based on specific mobs), item loot quality, cash quality, and quite a few more options available that I don't remember off the top of my head.

Zepplin Master:
Not everyone is a mage and can teleport or portal to the cities. This modification caters to all non-mage classes, in the sense that you can see when a zepplin/ship is going to arrive at the tower/port. Very useful for non-mages.
Not too long ago, about two weeks or so; Scholomance UI was released as 1.0, the final version of the 1.0 series. Scholomance UI had undergone a public alpha, and a closed beta prior to the final build. There weren't many errors with the Alpha, but there we're some changes that a few might have liked and disliked. In the closed beta of 1.0, there was a re-evaluation of some of the modifications used. Some of the mods included in the Alpha we're in the end, decided as insufficient for Scholomance UI. FuBar was in 1.0 Alpha, to see if it was "better" in a sense, than TitanPanel, as at the time TitanPanel hadn't seen an update in quite some time and lead many wondering if it will ever be updated. Titan Panel had updated by the time 1.0 Final was released and was included in the closed beta of 1.0. Some of the useless modifications from previous beta versions of Scholomance UI, had been removed.

Final includes it's base mods; CTMod, Drathal's HUD, Scrolling Combat Text, & Titan Panel; as well as a slue of miscellaneous mods.